"'"Its great to be back home! I can finally taste revenge!

- Yashin

Yashin is the main Shinigami in Death Note: Shi No Densetsu. He drops his second note on Earth, where it is picked up by Misa Amane and given to her cousin Amane Fukito. Yashin appeared 7 days after Fukito received the Note and unlike Ryuku, he actually helps Fukito in his plans, but does not kill his adversaries.

Debut Season 1, Episode 1: Resurrection
Status at Debut The Most Evil Shinigami of All Time
Relations <???>
Rank 3
Gender Male
Likes Nothing Particular
Dislikes Crimes, Lies
Intellegence /10
Inquisitiveness /10
Initiative /10
Empathy /10
Kill Lust /10

|Intelligence = 10/10 |Inquisitiveness = 8/10 |Initiative= 9/10 |Empathy = 7/10 |Kill Lust = 10/10





Shi No Densetsu

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