"'"I'm no FBI Agent, I'll tell you that.

- X

X is a character featured in Death Note: Shi No Densetsu. He is the prime antagonist of Seasons 1&2, tracking down Kira in Japan. He is smarter than L. Lawliet but Near far outclasses him. He was chosen by Near as he was the top student in Wammy House. He is the head of JKI (Japanese. Kira. Investigation.)

Debut Season 1, Episode 4: Chase
Birthday April 4, 1996
Deathdate None, yet
Also known as (real name) Xavier William
Sign Aries
Age 16
Status at debut The True Successor of Near
Relations Near
Knowledge /10
Conceptualization Power /10
Will to act /10
Motivation /10
Social Skills /10





Shi No Densetsu

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