Viper Scott was a high-ranking member of the mafia and had a personal connection with the organization's leader, M. Viper was also an assassin and a high school student at Forbes High School, and was the first major character to be killed by Chris.


Viper is tall, highly attractive and has shining purple eyes and chocolate-brown hair.


Little is revealed about Viper's personality, however it is known that while she was indifferent in taking lives during assassination missions, she still felt some empathy toward the weak and powerless.


Little is ever revealed about Viper's backstory, but it is mentioned that she joined the mafia and became friends with M some time before Chris and Indy joined.


At the start of I, Kira, Viper had killed 7 people, yet despite this Chris still had a crush on her. After scaring off Alexander Rockley she attempted to persuade Chris to rejoin the mafia and criticised his circle of friends, with no result. By the time Chris met Rugo she was beginning to panic as members of the mafia began dying, and texted Chris about it as the latter was writing down names. TBC






Viper's original name was "Laura", but this was changed to avoid confusion with Lauren.

Viper was the first major character death in I, Kira.



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