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The following is a timeline of all notable events in the world of I, Kira, excluding events in Death Note canon.

1st century

Around 2000 years before 2017: According to Dimina, there are rumors that one of the first instances of a shinigami dropping a notebook into a human world occured at around this time, somewhere in the Middle East.

14th or 15th century

Date unknown: Dimina Corabelle is born, dies and becomes a shinigami.

Early 18th century

Date unknown: With a Death Note and Dimina by his side, Captain Blackbook rules much of the Carribean before hiding his notebook with the rest of his treasure shortly before dying.


September 21-22: Dimina is present at the battle of Karánsebes, in which the Austrian army attacks itself and loses 10,000 men. She later describes the event as "pretty hilarious".


Various dates: It is implied in Chapter 34 that there was some shinigami or Death Note involvement in the murders of Jack the Ripper during this time.


October 12: Haumea Atarashimono is born.


September 22: Luci is born.


October 18: India Atarashimono is born.


April 7: Connor Summer is born.

November 16: Kallet Vimerica is born.

December 5: Christian Atarashimono is born.


June 21: Thomas Blackheart is born.


Date unknown: Chris and Indy join the mafia.


Sometime in early 2015: The mafia somehow acquires nearly a hundred mini-nukes.

January 28: Tom, Lauren and their mother are all taken hostage by a foreign crime syndicate. Chris and Indy manage to save the former two but the latter is killed. This is Chris and Indy's last mission in the vigilante corps.


Date Event Chapter
Date unknown Chris becomes Kallet's newest boyfriend. Mentioned in 4: Confrontation
October 11 Chris breaks up with Kallet. Mentioned in 4: Confirmation
October 23 Rugo awakens and meets a new Shinigami, who convinces him to return to his original Human World. 1: Prologue
October 24 Rugo drops his Death Note into his original Human World. Chris finds the notebook and sees its power for the first time by unintentionally killing JB. Chris later hires Tom to make his computer "completely immune to all kinds of spying or tracking". 2: 38

3: Notebook

October 25 Tom returns home from modifying Chris' computer, and sees his sister wake up from a nightmare. Chris uses the Death Note to kill Deustcher Nyan, and begins to become the new Kira. It is also mentioned that on this date 2 teenage murder victims' bodies were discovered in a landfill site near Canberra, an ISIL terrorist bombing in Iraq killed hundreds or thousands of people, and North Korea performed their sixth nuclear test (although nobody even takes them seriously in the UNSC meeting five days later). 3: Notebook

4: Confirmation

October 27 Rugo admits to Dimina that he had dropped his Death Note into his original human world three days earlier. Dimina is upset but agrees that Rugo should do whatever he thinks is best. Chris meets Rugo and the two discuss the Death Note series as well as Chris' intentions to "save the world" by becoming Kira. 4: Confirmation

5: Ally

October 30 The UNSC holds an emergency meeting in which L makes his debut to representatives of the world's most powerful nations. It is also mentioned that both Al-Nusra and ISIL had already been "decimated" by now. 5: Ally
October 31 The ICUP makes it's first public statement regarding Kira, announcing that "the world's greatest detective" will make a live appearance the next day. Chris begins to prepare for this. 6: Declaration
November 1 L makes his debut in an event almost perfectly replicating that of the "fictional" L in Death Note. Rugo leads Chris to fall for the trap by killing Lewis Larsson. After L announces his mission to destroy Kira, Chris makes his own debut in his first public broadcast, which takes the form of a video sent to Tomorrow's Today Tonight. Agents Red, Marco, Maes and Clovis stop the broadcast before it ends, but no physical evidence can be recovered. 6: Declaration

7: Reply

November 3 Tom's first attempt to collaborate with Indy ends in failure. Dimina meets Light. Chris and Rugo play chess and discuss Chris' father, the Rothschilds' connection to L and various other topics. 8: Chessboard
November 5 In one of ANPA's first meetings in the Kira case, L concludes that Kira is a student, and shares his thoughts regarding Death Note. Tom and Indy communicate for the second time, and discuss their knowledge that Chris is Kira. Tom jokingly tells Indy she should arm herself when they meet in person, which she takes very seriously. 9: Weapons
November 8 L concludes that Kira was present either at the JB concert on the 24th or at Forbes High School on the 25th, and orders the FBI, CIA, MI6, Mossad and others to send agents to shadow everyone who was present at either event, as well as those closest to them. The 2016 US Presidential election is won by Donald Trump, averting WWIII and starting a completely different shitstorm. 10: Agent
November 14 Chris plans his first major geopolitical moves in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Russia. Rugo tells Chris that he's being followed by an American spy of some kind. Chris rejects the Shinigami eyes, and plans out a way to change everyone's perception of his personal opinion of Kira from one of endorsement to one of hatred. 10: Agent
November 15 L receives word of the various unusual deaths perpetrated by Kira. Tom and Indy meet each other face-to-face for the first time, and agree to watch over Chris without getting directly involved. Chris mentions that three million people have taken to the streets demanding revolution and a return to democracy in the United States. Chris also sets the final pieces in place for his next major move, his plan to identify his stalker. 11: Plan
November 20 Chris goes on a fake date with Viper and an unnamed criminal takes the occupants of a bus hostage, a feat set up by Chris to learn his shadow's name. The criminal is then killed by a colliding car. Pearl suggests that the busjacking could've been Kira's doing, but Ryan brushes off this suggestion as unrealistic. 12: Hijacking
November 25 Rugo and Chris talk about the foreign agents in Australia. Chris sends the second part of his message to L via a criminal's suicide note. 13: Gunpoint
November 27 Chris makes his second public appearance on TV and threatens to kill all the foreign agents L sent to Australia to spy on potential suspects unless they are recalled within 3 days. L receives the final part of the message, "L, do you know, my god of death speaks German". The FBI and CIA retreat from Australia. Nigel Blackheart tells his kids about the recent events and that he'll continue to lead the case. 13: Gunpoint
December 1 Pearl Parson begins to carry out her own investigation into the busjacking that took place 11 days earlier. There is a mass walk-out by members of the Kira Task Force. Only a few remain to continue the case. 13: Gunpoint
December 2 L agrees to meet the nine remaining Task Force members. 14: Meeting
December 4 Viper Scott dies. Chris admits his feelings for her, and asks if Rugo can kill him if there's no other way for him the avoid being killed by L. M finds out about Viper's death, and gets really pissed off. Indy steals a torn-off piece of Chris' Death Note, and is the first human besides Chris to see Rugo. The Task Force enters the Commonwealth hotel and is about to meet L. 14: Meeting
December 5 The Australian Task Force meets Luci (L) for the first time, and they talk about stuff relating to the Kira case. Following Chris' birthday party, Rugo tells him about Death Note users becoming Shinigami, and later Chris mentions that he's nearly done making alliance offers with dozens of countries including Russia and Japan. 15: Luci
December 13 The Task Force receives their new belts and fake IDs. Okada is sent to check up on the ANPA headquarters, where he meets Pearl. After telling him her findings in the Kira case, Pearl is invited by Okada to join the Task Force, and gladly accepts. When Luci and the rest of the force hear Pearl's story, they narrow down their search to those present at the busjacking nearly one month prior, with an emphasis on those being tailed by Ryan Parson up to that point: Alexander Rockley, Christian Atarashimono, Connor Summer and Kallet Vimerica 16: Pearl
December 16 Chris and Rugo travel to an abandoned mafia base in the outback in order to launch diplomatic payloads at 24 nations. 17: Presidents
December 17 Out of the 24 missiles launched, 23 arrive at their target countries (the one aimed at Canada is shot down over Hawaii). In Washington, Joe Biden creatively plans to troll Donald Trump before he arrives at the White House. 17: Presidents
December 25 Chris records his Kiran Christmas broadcast and delivers it to TTT. Indy's boyfriend Katashi spends the day at the Atarashimono residence, Lauren and Tom watch the Kira broadcast together, and a new criminal suicide note translating into "Merry Christmas L" is observed by the Kira Task Force. 18: Christmas


Date Event Chapter
January 6 The Kira Task Force begins spying on Chris, the latter of whom quickly finds out and plans a way to avoid further suspicion. The briefcase payload of the missile launched at Russia finally arrives in Moscow, and after briefly going over the terms of the suggested Russo-Kiran alliance, the nation's highest-ranking government officials unanimously agree to accept it. 19: Kremlin
January 13 Russia, Japan, Canada and America jointly announce that they'll be handing ownership and control of the ISS over to Europe next year. Rugo finishes finding all the cameras in the Atarashimono household, and Chris begins exploiting the system's one weak spot: the bathroom. Kallet sneaks out and goes on a bedroom "date" with Chris, in the latter's attempt to explain away his "vibe of secrecy". 20: Potato Chip
January 14 The Vimerica family leaves for a (roughly) two-week vacation in their holiday home near Yaniban in North-Eastern China. Mentioned in 20: Potato Chip
January 16 Chris seizes a "window of opportunity" to wipe out the North Korean regime and the supreme leader's entire line of succession. Over the next few days and weeks the nation breaks up into several warring factions. Mentioned in 21: School
January 30 Luci shares his finds, or rather complete lack of any, after the microphones and cameras in the four suspect households have been removed. Chris sends Luci a new message via a criminal suicide note, threatening to kill the latter's superiors along with the rest of the elitists if even one innocent suspect is killed. 21: School
February 1 School starts. Luci enrols in the same class as Chris under the alias of L Lawliet, and reveals his true identity to the former during lunchtime. Chris doesn't believe him, but is now fully aware that this new kid is someone on the Kira Task Force. Dimina and Light meet again in what somehow goes from an aggressive argument to an inspirational speech. Luci also tells Kallet and Connor that he's L, and the two of them end up scheduling a secret meeting with Chris. It's also mentioned that by now Germany, Croatia, Iceland, Greece, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, East Timor, Haiti, India, Sweden, Mexico, Panama, the DRC, Russia, El Salvador and Malaysia had accepted Kira's offer for an alliance. 21: School

22: Kissinger

February 2 Kallet, Connor and Chris meet up in the abandoned warehouse at around 1AM to discuss Luci and the threat the Task Force poses. Luci meets up with his father, Henry Kissinger, in the location of the next Bilderberg meeting to discuss the lack of progress and the elitists' plan going forwards. 22: Kissinger
February 6 Chris shoots down a giant wasp in mid-air with a rubber band. Kallet is "sick" and doesn't show up to school. Mentioned in

23: Play

February 8 The annual end-of-year school play for eleventh grade is announced as Death Note: The Musical. Chris tries out for the role of Light, Luci for L and Kallet for Misa. Rugo senses Dimina's presence as she bursts through the Shinigami realm portal into Earth's atmosphere. At lunchtime, Chris and Luci play an extremely competitive game of chess which attracts a large crowd and ends with the latter's victory. Later that evening, Tom shows Indy the brief change in the Earth's gravitational field caused by the portal opening up. 23: Play
February 28 Lauren finds Dimina's Death Note in her room, and uses it to kill each member of One Direction in different way to test the limitations, abilities and validity of the device. Mentioned in 24: Her
March 1 Lauren meets Dimina and the two of them exchange information. Luci tests Chris' capabilities in a coffee shop. Okada is hospitalized and chief Blackheart, Luci and Chris check up on him. Chris meets Okada. 24: Her
March 21 Lauren requests that Tom hack into the Task Force but finds out that he can't, however Tom agrees to send her what little information he got out of ANPA prior to the fourth of December once he's done de-encrypting it. In North Korea, loyalists to the former regime make a public statement clarifying that the deaths of any of their members via heart attack or under any other suspicious circumstances will result in them launching all of their nuclear weapons. Later at around midnight, Chris brings Connor and Kallet up-to-date with what he knows about L. 25: Threat
April 2 Lauren explains her plan to reveal herself to the world via the same heavily-fortified TTT station Chris used, by having Dimina carry the envelope over. 25: Threat
April 3 April Fool's day, having been moved to Monday so it could take place at school, takes place at Forbes High School. Hilarity ensures. It's also mentioned that the United States has set up an SSBN nuclear deterrent in the sea of Japan to counter the threats made by the North Korean loyalists. Later that night, Lauren and Dimina deliver their video to TTT. 26: April
April 4 Two unnamed criminals are killed at 2PM, as predicted in Lauren's message to TTT. Mentioned in 27: TTT
May 18 TTT broadcasts Lauren's video, which is quickly received by both "teams". In the video Dimina makes her presence known to Rugo, while Clovis, Red, Maes and Marco are all killed by her under Lauren's command to prevent them from stopping the video. Shortly afterwards, Mungalo drives a police vehicle into the TTT building and confiscates the videos. Luci organizes a police blockade to search the area. Lauren narrowly escapes in a high-speed car chase. Ivan and Vladimir discuss the implications of a second Kira. 27: TTT

28: Chase

May 19 Pearl and Luci make their conclusions regarding the videos, and later that day the police allow "video 4" to be broadcasted, which indicates their refusal to work with the Kiras. Chris and Rugo begin planning their next move. 28: Chase

29: Alliance

May 20 Chris broadcasts a response video to the second Kira's actions, foiling Luci's plan and stating that he is displeased with her recklessness but is willing to cooperate with the new Kira. 29: Alliance
May 24 Tom contacts Indy via Skype and shows her all his proof of Lauren being the second Kira. 29: Alliance
May 25 On Lauren's birthday, Tom gives her a pair of emerald earrings with tiny cameras and voice recorders inside them. This allows Tom to keep a constant watch on his sister's actions and whereabouts. Mentioned in 29: Alliance
July 2 By now Luci has returned from the 2017 annual Builderberg meetings, and as Chris begins to contemplate the consequences of this, Lauren shows up at his door (literally) and shows herself to be the second Kira. Rugo reunites with Dimina and gives her Pizza, and the two Kiras agree to an alliance. Chris learns about the origins of Death Note, and a rivalry between himself and Dimina also violently begins. Meanwhile in NYC, M receives orders and coordinates to begin operation fifty-five. Back in Chris' room, Lauren gets really pissed off about Chris having a girlfriend (Kallet) that he still has to break up with, and when she leaves she considers killing him to take his place as Kira. 30: Kouhai31: Duck and Cover
July 3 Indy takes a day off school in order to discuss the recent developments with Tom. Between 10:45 and 11:25 AM a small intercontinental nuclear exchange kills over two million people in the Koreas, Japan, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom and Israel. Tom is blinded and Lauren gets a massive burn mark, and the electronics in her earrings are completely fried. Chris and Katashi go to the ruins of the high school to make sure Indy, Lauren and Tom are safe, and later Chris sends a message to TTT. 31: Duck and Cover
July 6 Lauren goes to Chris' house a second time, and they inform one another of everything they didn't get a chance to in their first meeting. Mentioned in 32: FHS
July 9 Pearl tells Luci of her idea for him to use Tom and Lauren as pawns by getting Nigel to transfer them to FHS. 32: FHS
July 11 Lauren comes to Chris' house again and announces that she'll be transferred to FHS. Haumea makes Chris cook dinner, as usual on Tuesdays, and hilarity ensures. Later, Team Kira spends the night watching movies and anime and eating unhealthy food. 32: FHS
July 12 Tom and Lauren's first day at Forbes High School. Lauren and Kallet quickly become rivals. Katashi reveals to Tom the SR-71 he and Indy are beginning to renovate for Team Kira use. Tom meets Alice and gets a crush on her, and also catches Dimina speaking to her sister. After lunchtime, Chris, Luci and Kallet have to go to the student council room to get supplies for science class, hilarity ensures, and finally, Lauren convinces Dimina to pull down Kallet's shirt and panties while she's giving her speech in front of everyone at assembly. 32: FHS33: Helium
July 14 For the first time since December last year, Chris and Rugo travel to the old mafia base, with Lauren and Dimina joining them, to perform their biggest dilpomatic moves yet as well as make the next Second Kira video and deliver it to TTT via missile. Lastly, the two shinigami trick Chris into inhaling Helium. 33: Helium
July 15 Numerous diplomatic payloads reach their targets, Chris finishes Lauren's new Kira suit and she tries it on, Lauren's second video as the Second Kira reaches TTT and she successfully tricks the Task Force that she's no closer to Kira than Misa was at this point. Luci then receives a call from his father, revealing that Mossad has made a breakthrough in the Kira Case. 34: Hug
July 16 In an emergency meeting in Israel, Mossad director Yossi Cohen announces the nation's discovery of the wormholes along with the revelation that a third one opened up over the Kanto region of Japan back in 2006. The meeting also reveals that the elitists already suspect Kira of sending diplomatic payloads to some nations via missile, and Luci's operations are dropped down the priority list as M's plans become prioritized. Upon returning to Australia, Luci analyzes the latest message from the second Kira (actually written by Chris), which contains a series of days and accompanying coordinates. While Luci was gone, Q made the Task Force's de facto headquarters official by purchasing the entire building. It's also shown that Tom has hacked into the facility's security cameras by now. 35: Coordinates
July 20 Katashi introduces Indy to both the SR-71 (initially referred to as the "Kira-mobile") and Sol, and the two discuss upgrades and modifications that will be necessary before the vessel can be useful. 36: SR-71
July 21 Okada and Mungalo arrive at the Hornsby Westfeilds shopping mall where the second Kira's attempt to make contact with the first is said to be planned to take place. All members of Team Kira stay away from the area, but Connor and Harry attend, disguising themselves to avoid being identified. An armed criminal has a fatal heart attack almost within eyeshot of the two, and seeing the potential opportunity to kill one or both of the Kiras, the mall becomes a one-sided warzone which the two narrowly escape with Indy's help. Minutes later, a barrage of tomahawk missiles and bombs/missiles from Reaper drones anihilates the area. Chris messes up his suit to make it look like he was there and barely escaped, and publicly announces his hatred towards those responsible for the attack, and his new mini-purge against some of the elitists in relatiation. Russia and Novorossiya plan to exploit the short window of opportunity this provides to perform Operation Alexander. 36: SR-7137: Alexander
July 22 The first shots of Operation Alexander are fired in Eastern Ukraine as two F-16s fight one Il-76 and four Sukhoi T-50s. Both F-16s and one Sukhoi are destroyed. Team Kira sends another video, again posing as the Second Kira, acting as though the Second Kira has just found the first but has yet to make contact. Again, L decides to believe the message. 37: Alexander38: Negotiations
July 23 Vladimir, Ivan, Filatov, Sergey and the rest of the Russian War Cabinet discuss the progress of Operation Alexander. Ivan is tense and worried that the west will give a powerful military response, but Vladimir dismisses the possibility before getting a threatening text from Henry Kissinger. 38: Negotiations
July 24 M is sent to Moscow as the primary diplomat in the peace negotiations, and meets Vladimir and Ivan for the first time. The negotiations are short, and the final agreement reached is that Luhansk, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Ida-Viru and Eastern Latvia are to be annexed into the Russian Federation, Crimea and Sevastopol are to be formally recognised as part of the federation, and the regimes of Estonia, Latvia and Ukraine are all replaced with neutral, democratic governments. In exchange, Russia is to cut all military and economic alliances with Serbia, Pakistan and China. After the negotiations finish, Sergey informs Vladimir and Ivan that the war has been used by Saudi Arabia to divert media attention away from it's rapidly-developing nuclear weapons programme. Additionally, it is discovered that Canada plans to hold a referendum (obviously rigged) regarding annexation into the United States. 38: Negotiations