Thomas Blackheart (most commonly known as Tom) is Lauren Blackheart's younger brother, an extremely skilled hacker and the first human to discover that Chris is Kira (aside from Chris himself).

Appearance Edit

Tom has white hair and light blue eyes. He is also mentioned to be physically weak, and relatively short.

Character Edit

Tom is extremely skilled in the world of hacking and computers, and sometimes offers his expertise and assistance in various Australian factions, legal or not. He also loves to play computer games such as Minecraft.

History Edit


Plot Edit

Tom first appears when Chris calls him up and pays him to make his computer completely immune to all kinds of spying or tracking, and to create a voice scrambler that Chris would later incorporate into his Kira suit. Curious about what Chris is up to and why he's so secretive about it, Tom places a tiny voice recorder in the scrambler to hear everything Chris says when he's using it. TBA

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