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"Kill them all, kill them all,kill them all,kill them all,KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!!"-The Kira Soul

The Kira Soul is a spectral entity of the Kira side of Light's soul relased from Light after he died,His thirst for vengance lead his to posess anyone with enough ambition, and it seem's a Shinigami(That seem's to look somewhat like Light) has come to hunt him down.

People Possesed

"You diserve more than this....don't you wana teach the brat a lesson?"

One of Near's body gaurds

A drug-dealer who's brother was killed by Light and wanted revenge

"You almost had revenge against Kira,almost got him,almost! Don't you want another chance? Go find his sister and see how he likes it!"

Misa's deranged sister(through manipulation)

"Don't you want to pay back those fools for killing you and your sister's parents?"

A fired police cop

"Show society what happens when they toss you aside!"

A freind of Light

"Light wants revenge against that dispicable team that shot him down and left him to die,you are going to get the Death Note back and finish the job! Kill them all, for me, got it? Kill them all.....Kill them all, Kill them all, Kill them all, Kill them all, Kill them all, Kill them all, Kill them all, Kill them all, KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

In the end,the mysterious Shinigami caught him and told him in his face "You did this to me, you won't be doing it to anyone else." and sent him into the firey pit.

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