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Story of the Century


An amateur journalist's search for a story to finally legitimize her leads her tumbling into the heart of a monstrous war of minds upon seeing things she shouldn't have, starting with a strange photo and an even stranger young man.

Death Note fanfic by Whiteladydragon

It also has a sequel fic called AndTheStoryContinues that continues where Story of the Century left off.

Also has a TVtropes page as well.


It focusses on OC Erin Blogger, whom is in Japan studying journalism. While struggling to fit in at college. She comes across a mystery that will change her life and those she comes into contact with forever.


  • Erin Blogger
  • L
  • Light Yagami
  • Misa Aname
  • Matsuda
  • Watari
  • Kira team

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