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Let's put in a fantasy spin on Near and L! With poetry! And femswappimng!

One day, Alice tumbled down to Wonderland

A milk pale thing with corn silk hair and slender bones

The only strength on her pearly surface

Resided deep in her bruise black irises, dagger sharp

Framed with long crow feather lashes on a pretty face

That made the danger of her eyes look like innocence

This new world is bathed in shadow and drenched with secrets

Bright ruby apples hanging heavy off of dusk dark branches

And the willow trees breathe indiscretions in her seashell ears

She wanders the wonderland with curious, childish grace

Light feet and gentle fingers, probing with tender care

As if the shadows might vanish with her pale touch.

Wandering wonderland she came across a soaring castle

An odd surprise amongst the midnight fields and crimson wilderness

A rabbit warren of wet black stone and steep winding steps

Crawling across the walls are climbing roses of computer code

Flowering milk pale petals that are dyed deep red

Alice enters without fear expecting abandon within the walls

She enters into a great dining hall, red roses growing all abound

Looping vines of one and zeros trickle onto the floor at her feet

In the hall the binary knots, stunting the flowering blossoms

Alice saw a puzzle in the thorny glitches waiting to be solved

Her black eyes smile at the new fascination, a new challenge

And her slender fingers straighten out the snarled strands with ease

Alice kneels on the obsidian tiles as she untangles the floral vines

She feels the roses pulse like throbbing hearts in her hands

They murmur fractured riddles to the snowy girl child

My name is… My killer is... Help me… Help me… Help me…

The coded ivy climb up her icicle arms with weak desperation

Begging for her to release them from their petaled prisons

The red garbed queen enters, roses littering her long dress

Flowers braided skillfully into spiked tresses, ashen feet bare

Alice, bleached bone white in the shadows sings out with pale lips

“Oh, scarlet monarch, this house of cards is a house of lies.”

This accusation earns her a crooked smile and a simple correction. “No.”

“This house saves these sorry hearts whose deaths bled these roses red”

Dark haired and distant, the queen dwelt alone in her castle

Her gaunt body sharply bent, with long limbs of spindly strangeness

The fighter of monsters, with a cunning tongue but without a name

Charcoal lines of insomnia etched deep under blue black eyes

Clever eyes identical to the young wanderer with their serrated depth

The Red Queen, ruler of the coded vines and all of dark Wonderland

With that, Alice became both a pupil and a successor with her midnight eyes

Her fair hands mimic the queen’s long fingers as they untangle the vines

The queen taught her to listen to the pulsing roses and solve their puzzles

She taught the pastel child to make her blue black gaze rattle stars

 That would have shocked her old candy spun world into shards of pink sugar glass

Alice’s daggered eyes are sharpened into swords with her teachings

Alice’s old world was built on all tedious colors of pallid limp monotony

Simple and predictable, a world as sweet and weak as pink cotton candy

The washed out normal was safe and soft but stale with dull routine

It was too boring for the clever darkness of her eyes and thriving mind

In blood darkened Wonderland safety and softness are rare

And both are secondary to success and the crimson queen’s favor

The queen told young Alice extraordinary tales of Wonderlands peculiar past

Their fingers nimble, weaving the code together into long sought answers

The queen told timeworn fairytales of her former prodigies and present failures

She told stories of the mad hatter with Thanthos gaze and tea cups full of jam

A glitch, a faulty copy, threatening the throne with strawberry gashes cut deep

Vanquished by the queens knight, quick witted and quick tempered, in leather armor

Eventually the Red Queen died, suddenly in the moonless night

The wrong prick from a nettled rose that curled tight around her neck

The poison Kira infected her bloodstream from the shallow cut

Alice mourned little for her predecessor cloaked in scarlet and secrets

There was little pity in her dark eyes for such blatant failure

To die is to fail and if you fail you are only a loser

Alice took the queens place in the castle as an apprentice princess

She wore the red dress that hung loose on her young frame

She braided the scarlet flowers into her silk silver hair

She solves the Kira puzzle with its nettled poison

Her fingers are quick as she weaves the coded vines alone

When she solves the riddles her dark eyes light with silver sparks

But the bloody roses grew impatient with the pale princess

They demanded attention, snaking up her legs with stabbing thorns

Her eyes grow wider as ink brushes drew black under her eyes

As she sacrificed sleep to unravel the violent secrets within the blooms

She becomes more like the dead queen as the months flicker into years

Alice grows tall and curved backed, taking the name of White Queen

She knows someday the puzzles will get too hard, that the nettles will trick her

Now the barbs only stab at her knees but some days they reach as high as her waist

Alice knows with morbid assurance that they will continue to rise higher and higher

That no matter her cleverness someday she will fail, and someday she will die

That someday the thorns will crawl to her neck and squeeze the life from her pale throat

That someday she will only be a dim memory in the mind of the next queen, her successor

One day, Alice tumbles down to Wonderland.

Wandering wonderland she comes across a soaring castle

She enters into a great dining hall, red roses growing all abound

Alice kneels on the obsidian tiles as she untangles the floral vines

With that, Alice becomes both a pupil and a successor with her midnight eyes

And eventually the White Queen dies, suddenly in the moonless night

By Saffron Ayer


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