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Simon Crane is a character featured in DN 2 : Kira's Successor. He's a serial killer who targets young and especially attractive women. He was mentally and physically abused by his mother, and bullied by his female classmates in school. When he was 24, his current girlfriend left him alone, and stole his through hard worked earned money. After that, Simon Crane snapped, and killed a man, who tried to rob him. After that, he started a killing spree, going down as the man, who was able to learn about Kira's identity. He was later shot by his former friend Sean McConnery. He died with a smile stating that he was happy, that Sean was the one, who killed him.


Ten unnamed women

Five unnamed man (killed via a bomb)

Alice McQueen

Alessandro Fernandez

James Desmond

April Lagine (strangled to death)

Carlo Levine (drowned to death, after a long, hard and bloody fight)

Luke (attempted to kill him, but was killed by Simon Crane)

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