"In reality, there is no such thing as the concepts of right and wrong, nor justice and evil... There is only a single truth: the law of god. Once, you were the God of a world free of injustice, only to be casted down from your throne. Tell me, Light Yagami... do you not wish to reign as the god of a new world once more?"

— Shogo Makishima

Shogo Makishima, the "White King"
Debut Death Note: Return from Purgatory (Episode 4: Cogs of Destiny (Part 1))
Birthday October 8th
Deathdate N/A
Also known as Mr. Makishima
The White King
The Fourth Kira
The Human Shinigami
Sign Leo
Age 23
Status at debut Active
Relations N/A
Knowledge /10
Conceptualization Power /10
Will to act /10
Motivation /10
Social Skills /10

Shogo Makishima, otherwise known as the White King, is a major character in the story Death Note: Return from Purgatory. He acts as the primary antagonist of the majority of the first season, manipulating everyone around him in order to "revive the god of the new world." He also serves as the main antagonist of the Psycho-Pass franchise, responsible for a great number of events within the story, most notably the Specimen Case.


Shogo is a handsome individual with almost angelic like features, bearing light silver hair and golden eyes, and is often seen with a charismatic, charming smile. More often than not, he prefers wearing light clothing such as a dress shirt and a pair of slacks. During an inner monologue of thoughts, characters are often shown with alternate hair and eye colors. In Shogo's case, he is portrayed with yellow hair and indigo eyes.


Charismatic, powerful, and noble-all of these traits describe the person that is Shogo Makishima. Not only is he able to rally a great number of individuals over to his side, but he is also capable of manipulating them as he sees fit, all the while leaving them unaware that they are but mere pawns in a grander scheme. He has been described by L as a "true definition of the criminal underworld's nobility, a modern day James Moriarity." Underneath all of this, however, is a cold and ruthless devotion to his objective: to return Light Yagami to his former glory.

Overall, he is by far the most dangerous person Light has ever faced, and by far the most deadly, even willing to kill everyone Light cherishes dearly, including his family and friends, if that is what is needed to return Light to his former status of "godhood."


Shogo Makishima's backstory was never truly explored in the story, though according to L, Makishima was, at some point, regarded as the most powerful, and also the most mysterious, individual in the criminal underworld, known only the alias, "The White King." At an unspecified point in time, he obtained a Death Note, and since then, he has begun orchastrating events in order to return Light to his former mentality before the events of the story.


Return from Purgatory


Light Yagami


  • Other than Shogo, two other characters from Psycho-Pass make an appearance in the story, those being criminal profiler Joji Saiga, and detective Akane Tsunemori.
  • Similar to his obsession with Shinya Kogami, this incarnation of Shogo Makishima is obsessed with Light Yagami.


"A long time ago, this world was once just under the rule of a god of righteousness... But, just as those with blackened hearts scorn god, man gunned down their god, and so he fell from his holy throne, and became no more than a mere Judge... I want to restore that god to his former glory."

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