This Article, Shatter ME!, is property of Clearpurpleskies.

Shatter ME! is a fanfiction written by ClearPurpleSkies that introduces Misa Amane's sister as police officer, mixing events from the 2015 drama, manga (including the pilot) and the anime. The story is told from the point of view of the main character: Misa's older sister, Asa Amane.


For Asa Amane there's just black and white. You're either good or a criminal, no middle grounds, no grey areas. So when the murderer Kira arises, her sense of justice will pull her into a investigation that might shatter her relationship with her onlysister Misa. On top of that, she'll have to deal with the World's Greatest Detective, his ambiguous morals, and his gifted succesors.

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