Season 1 the first season in Shi No Densetsu. It mainly revolves around Amane Fukito finding the Death Note and X trying to find out who is Kira.

It consists of 12 episodes.


Nearly 9 months has passed since the death of Kira. The world was shocked at Kira's death. Who was to save them from the evil? Kira's true identity was never revealed. But few, such as Light's mother and sister, along with the SPK and the Kira Investigation Team Members such as Matsuda and Aizawa knew the truth, but refused to speak it.


"Listen to the voice of God and he shall came the waves, and protect us from storms." the Teacher recited. Amane was watching out of his window. "Mr. Amane, could please translate that line in Japanese?" the teacher asked. "Sure thing. Kami no koe o kikuto kare wa,-ha o ochitsuka seru mono to arashi kara mi o mamoru."

"Very good, Mr. Amane. Now who can translate the following lines?" the Teacher asked, but Amane did not listen to what the teacher said. Amane looked at his watch. 55 more minutes. 55 minutes of boredom. He wished that he was Kira, so that he could off finish his Teacher once and for all.


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Shinigami Realm...

Ryuk is sitting on a rock, gazing into the far horizon. "Hey Ryuk! What's the matter? You've been like this for for hours! Whats the matter?" asked a Shinigami, lazily half-dozing. "Nothing. Its just... I'm bored... " Ryuk mumbled. "He, come and gamble with us." said the Shinigami, chuckling.

"No thanks... But things are quite different..." says Ryuk. Suddenly, a new Shinigami is seen walking up a stairs in the distance. He is wearing goggles and carries a bag.

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"Ryuk..." he comes over to him and says. Ryuk looks up. "You thought you were God, Light." he says. Light throws Ryuk a Shinigami Apple and says, "Tell me, Ryuk, of your adventures to the Human World."

Ryuk tells the story half way only to find the mysterious Shinigami going down into the entrance to the Human World. Ryuk gives a small grin and starts eating his Apple.


"Hmm... How boring the day is..." she said, with a glum look on her face. Misa was in her bed, topless. It looked as if she was crying, as there were a couple of wet tissues on the table next. "Light..." she gloomily said. She got up and opened the window. It was night time. There was a book lying on the front lawn.

Misa dressed and unlocked the door and went outside. She picked up the book and there was a familiarity about it.

DEATH NOTE was written on the front in large bold white letters. She grinned slowly and put the book in her shirt pocket. She went to bed.


"Happy Birthday, Fukito!!" Misa cried when he opened the door. "Hey Misa. Whats up?" Fukito asked bored. "I came for your birthday! And look at the present I bought you!" she screamed. She took the Death Note out of her pocket. For a second, Fukito's eyes rested on the book.

"You have got to be kidding! I'm in 11th Grade you know! I can't be fooled that easily." he said. "No, seriously! This is the Death Note! Try it!" Misa said happily. "Pipe down, Misa. I'll try it later. Come and enjoy my party now." she said. "O.K!" she walked in.


Fukito closed the door and sat on his chair. He opened the Note and read the instructions. "Ha ha ha. This is a total joke." he thought to himself. "Let me try it... just once." He opened the Note and took a ball-point pen. He thought for a moment and he grinned.

                                 AMANE MISA
                               17:50, 05/07/2013
                                Death by Suicide

He imagined her face on his mind. He checked his watch. "17:20" "20 more minutes, Misa." he grinned.

"Are you sure you wanna write her name on the Note?" said a voice. Fukito turned back an he saw a figure, a ghastly figure. "I'm not so sure if you'll be happy if you write thatname." the creature grinned.


"Aaah!!! What are you?!!" screamed Fukito. He heard footsteps coming up the stairs and his mother opened the door. "Fukito! What happened?! Did a robber enter the house?!" his mom interrogated, equally scared. "Mom!! Look! There! That monster!!" Fukito pointed to where the Shinigami was standing. "What monster? I don't see anything on your bed..." heis mom said.

"Bu...but! I can see that creature!" Fukito said, frightened. "Fukito, are you ok?" his mom asked,worried. "Hehehe, she can't see me. Only you can..." the creature cackled. "Fukito, don't worry. We'll go and see the doctor tomorrow, mmk? Now get some sleep, honey, you're prolly stressed out from your party. Good night." his mom said and closed the door.

"Wh..Who are you? What do you want?" asked ukito. "Me? Just a... friend..." the creature said.


"So... thats what the Note does?" Fukito asked, still shaken. "Yep." said the creature. "What are you? Whats your name?" asked Fukito. "Me? Just a friend who will help you in your quests. My name... is Ragnarok." he said. "So... Ragnarok... Does the Death Note work?" Fukito asked. "It sure does. I bet you'll know it when you wake up tomorrow. Until then." he said and flew out of the window. "Wait!! Where're you going?!" shouted Fukito. "Me? Just talking a walk." he said and flew into the distant horizon.


"Fukito!! Fukito!!! Wake up!!" somebody was shouting. He rolled over and said, "Just a few more minutes, mom." he said, and went to sleep. "Wake up, Fukito! Its Misa! She's been found dead at the base of a skyscraper!" she said, exparated. "What?!" he jumped at the sound of this news. "Are you serious!?" he asked. "Yes! Come and watch the news!" she said. Fukito rushed down the stairs and jumped on the couch. The news was on and the reporter was saying, "Today, Misa Amane, the famous super-model has been found dead at the base of a skyscraper. Noboy knows how it happened, but it seems like a suicide. Now, the Chicago Bulls has won the title for..." and he kept on saying some sports news.

"So... the Death Note does work huh?" Fukito said to himself, and grinned. "Good riddance to Misa."


"Near, it seems the funding for the SPK has gone dry. We can't afford to keep the base up." a tall man with blond hair was saying, to a kid, whose name was Near. The boy was stacking dice. "Well, Commander Lester, I really think that-" Near gasped, and stopped mid-scentence. He clutched his chest and was writhing in agony.

"Near? Near? Whats the matter?" Commander Lester was saying. Near did not respond. His hand hit the dice stack and it crumbled down. He swayed on his seat for a few seconds and fell down on the floor. Commander Lester rushed to him. Near's eyes were blank, showing that he was dead. Commander Lester felt his pulse and to his shock, found none.

"So... Kira has returned..." Commander Lester said, with a grim look on his face.


Ragnarok was cackling with laughter. "Hehe, Near... I've finally paid you back... it seems...Goodebye, Near... I've always wanted to kill you... see you... or not..." he said with a grin.


"So...this is Wammy House, huh?" Commander Lester was saying. It had been 3 days after Near's death, and the remaining SPK arrived in England, more specifically at Wammy House to find Near's successor, X. "Yes, sir. This is Wammy House. Shall we...?" a fair colored man with black hair said. "Yes, Gevanni. Lead the way." Lester said.

Gevanni opened the gates. It was quite like a church. The interior was cool. They arrived at the lobby and rung a small bell. A door opened and out came an old man, wrinkled. He proceeded to his desk and sat down. "Hello, I'm Roger. How may I help you?" he asked in a whispered voice. "Yes, we're members of the SPK... Near has died..." Lester said grimly.

"My,my, Near... I always liked him... Well? Why did you come here for? Let me guess, to find his successor, Xavier, right?" Roger asked. "Yes, that is true." Lester said. Roger walked into a room and after a few minutes, came out with a boy of 16.

"Xavier, this is Lester. He wishes to take you to America." Roger said and Xavier looked stunned.

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