This is the 1st Season of A New Note.

Chapter 1: Ragnarok's Boredom

As always, life in Mu (Shinigami Realm, also known as nothingness) was boring. Perhaps he had gotten that trait from Ryuk, wondered Ragnarok. Ryuk was Ragnarok's father. It had been over 10 years after Light Yagami had died. Nothing interesting had happened ever since then. Of course, as always, Ryuk had gone down to Earth to cause trouble. "How pathetic of him," wondered Ragnarok. "What's the point of sitting here and eating Apples? It tastes like sand! Hmm... maybe I'd gotten that trait too from dad. I'm just glad I don't have his symptoms." thought Ragnarok.

"Even if I talk to King Lucifer, he still won't allow me to go to the human world. This is so boring!" complained Ragnarok. He looked through one of the spheres and saw a teenage girl walking on the street. She was fair and had straight red hair. He saw that she had 33 years of life left in her. "33 huh? Thats pretty low for a pretty girl like her. Still 33's a lot. Hmm... I guess she'll be better off dead now, that die when she has a family to take care of. Oh well, goodbye... Julie Yamanaka? Thats a cute name. Its a shame that... you have to die!" said Ragnarok.

Ragnarok took out his Death Note and filled in:

Julie Yamanaka

He pictured her face in her mind.

Hit by a Bus

7:15 P.M, 16th July, 2024

<The Music When Someone Dies, Plays>

He watched her on the side cross. The signal was red and suddenly it flashed green. The girl crossed the road whilst the people screamed at her. She turned around and saw a speeding bus coming towards her. She watched the head light flash and the searing pain flowing through body and suddenly - everything went black. She felt as if she had gone into a dreamless sleep, except that she didn't feel anything at all.

At the side walkers view, all that remained on the road was a bloody mass of flesh, as if a steamroller had passed over it. The people started to scream and someone dialed 911. There was panic all over the place. They could hear an ambulance siren. In a few minutes, the ambulance had reached the accident scene. Cars had stopped and drivers were getting out to watch what had happened. The Scrubs had loaded the mass of flesh and bone - more than a mass of flesh and bone, but a girl whose arms and legs had been broken and her torso crushed, the skin was torn at some places and even the muscles at others, revealing the bones - on to the stretcher and drove to the Hospital for Post-Mortem.

For Ragnarok, this was just another day in Mu. But he did not have the slightest idea, that the fun was just beginning.

Chapter 2: Rules for the Death Note

Ragnarok took out his new Death Note, a gift from King Lucifer. It had different rules to the previous Death Notes.

I. If The Owner of this Death Note is a Human, then He will obtain Shinigami Eyes without making the Eye Deal.

II. He/She can see more than 2 Shinigamis using the same Note Book.

III. He/She can kill Shinigami using this Note Book.

IV. The Person who finds this Note Book will be killed within 20 years, unless he is bound to die earlier.

V. Letting go of the Death Note will not make the Owner lose the memories.

VI. The Death Note cannot be borrowed nor can be lended by the Owner.

VII. Only the Owner can see his/her Shinigami.

VIII. If the Owner's Shinigami (s) are killed, then the Human will not be bound by "the death after 20 years rule."

IX. Love for a particular human/Owner will not kill the Shinigami.

X. The Human Owner of this Death Note is said to become a famous person during his Ownership.

Chapter 3: Stolen Death Note

Ragnarok was tasting and spitting more and more sand-apples. He heard a faint creeping sound and he turned back. A Shinigami Messenger Scorpion was scutling towards him. He was branded with the "Messenger" Badge. Ragnarok recognised his "Royal Messenger" Badge and knew the King sent him. 'I hope I'm not in for any serious trouble!" he said.

"Message from His Highness, King Lucifer!" said the Messenger. "What is it?" asked Ragnarok impatiently. "The King wishes to see you. He requests your presence." said the Messenger. Ragnarok teleported himself to the Kings Palace. He knelt before the King. "Your Highness, did your Excellency wish to see me?" asked Ragnarok in a courteus manner. Lucifer was a huge, fat Shinigami, surrounded by stacks of Death Notes. He was wearing a huge, mold covered, black crown.

"Ah, Ragnarok. I have a job for you. Your father, Ryuk, dropped a Special Death Note, similar to the one I gave you, into the Human World on purpose. I am ordering you to retrieve the Death Note within 10 Shinigami Months (10 Shinigami Months = 7.23 Human Years). That is all. Any questions?" asked King Lucifer. "None, My Lord..." Ragnarok said, unhappily.

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