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Debut Death Note: OT "Cravings" Chapter 1
Status at Debut Rogue Shinigami; growing bored

Haruki Kiryu


Rank 6
Gender Male
Likes Apples, Fun, games
Dislikes Boredom, withdrawls
Intellegence 5/10
Inquisitiveness 10/10
Initiative 9/10
Empathy 5/10
Kill Lust 7/10

"Light Yagami? Never heard of him... heh heh heh."

— Ryuk

Ryuk is a character featured in Death Note: Our Truths. His appearance in OT is the same as his appearance in the original Death Note. Like in the original Death Note, he writes the instructions of the Death Note in English, but places it in Japan (hoping that someone similar to Light will emerge). His skin color has, if anything, become more pale. Due to his apple cravings, his eyes are also slightly bloodshoot. However, he retains his normal personality, throughout all of this.

General Information

Ryuk's personality is the same as his canon appearance. For a look at what his personality is like, please visit his page.

Death Note: Our Truths

As has been stated before, the story of OT begins nine years after Ryuk killed Light Yagami. Almost immediately after he did that, Ryuk returned to the Shinigami Realm. Things there were much the same, if deteriorating. Shinigami were now, in their boredom, committing suicide by no longer killing humans. Ryuk endured this for nine years. Over time, though, he regressed. Ryuk's boredom has, once again, grown. Even worse, his cravings for apples have sharply returned. So now, in delirium and with that second notebook, he returns to Earth, to seek more fun...

Only this time, he isn't alone.


  • Ryuk's putting of the death note into the world is much more contained this time, compared to how he did it with Light. He specifically picked Haruki Kiryu after watching him for several days.
  • Despite being a powerful Shinigami, Ryuk is completely unaware of his fellow shinigami, Raght.

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