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"Chris, Kid, there's something I want you to be aware of here. Make no mistake, more than a few wrongdoers are going to die before the world starts to change, and more than a few wrongly accused innocents will die as well. Their blood's on your hands. Yes, they are criminals, they will be prepared to die. But remember, every one of them is a flesh-and-blood person. Every one of them has dreams, hopes, fears, every one of them has a soul. They're not pawns, they're people. Some of them living together like family since their childhoods. This may well be the end of them. Whole families wiped out in moments. Whatever you think your mission is here, your first and foremost concern is making sure their deaths mean something. Whatever happens, you keep that lodged in your mind. Take everything that comes with deadly seriousness."- Rugo, Chapter 5

Rugo is the Shinigami who indirectly gave Chris the Death Note he needed in order to become Kira.


Rugo is very humanoid in appearance, with pale white skin and large, black, feathery wings.


For a Shinigami, Rugo is very soft-hearted as a result of his past, and often urges Chris to minimise collateral damage wherever possible. That being said, Rugo is also very enthusiastic about Chris' plan to change the world and supports him on his journey.




On October 23 2016, TBA






Rugo is the first character to appear in 私は、キラ / I, Kira.


"I'm not exactly an undiscussed topic among the other gods of death, especially after everything I did all those years ago." (Chapter 1)

"Don't call me a child. I'm older than most humans ever get to be." (Chapter 1)