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"You betrayed us. You unworthy cheating human being, you betrayed us all! "

— Jonathan Cole (Room 45)

Room 45, is a club featured in DN 2 : Kira's Successor. It has members from high positions. The reasons why the members, of this club want all death notes, to be in their possession, is different, since almost everyone wants the death note for his own reason.


Jonathan Cole

Jonathan Cole, wants the death note for his own selfish goals. He wants to control the market, by killing the high members from other firms, he wants to do this, so that he can become the world's richest man alive.

Daniel Glassing

Unlike Jonathan, Daniel seeks to rule the world, by controlling the most powerful nations.

Rick Makton

Driven, by his own selfish goals, Rick plans the same thing as Jonathan.

Nathan Carlson

His goals, are the only ones, that are never mentioned. However, it is implied, that his goal is similar to Daniels.

Angelo Bartolami

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