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I'm used to people staring at me all the time. When I graduated To-Oh at age thirteen, people were staring. When I joined the police force at age fifteen, people were staring. So being stared at isn't new. Maybe it's because I don't look like I am from here. Or maybe it's the blue hair.But isn't it ironic that the one person that I want to stare at me never even looks my way?
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Not A Piece of Cake is a fanfiction written by MoonStone2115 and currently being published in Fanfiction.Net, and it's one of the best characterizations of L's personality in fanfictions.

The story revolves around Olivia Upson, a young member of the NPA who is highly gifted (being able to graduate from To-Oh university at the age of 13, and enrolling the police force at 15) and her involvement in the Kira case.

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