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Debut Death Note: OT "Cravings" Chapter 1
Birthday August 24, 1994
Deathdate None, yet
Also known as Near, N, L,
Sign Virgo
Age (at start of Our Truths) 28 years old
Status at debut


Leader of the SPK

The World's Greatest Detective

Relations SPK
Knowledge 8/10
Conceptualization Power 10/10
Will to act 7/10
Motivation 10/10
Social Skills 1/10

"It's been a while since I've had to deal with a real Kira. And, he will not come quietly... that's good; I've been looking for a challenge."

— Near

Nate River is a character featured in Death Note: Our Truths. He is the prime antagonist for much of the series, spending all of his time chasing Kira. Much like his personality in the original Death Note, Near in Our Truths is calculated and emotionless. His tendency to play with toys while thinking is still featured. But, due to his age, this is much less prominent than before. He also remains with the SPK, as its leader. The entire organization has expanded to take on the growing problems in the world. However, at this time Near has withdrawn, in similar to fashion as L, promoting Commander Rester to be the face of the SPK.

Role in Our Truths

Near's role in Our Truths is as the new greatest detective. Here, after the death of Light Yagami, he has continued to fill the role of his mentor, L. While the world is slowly and dangerously threatening anarchy, Near has remained out of it all. His cases are only influenced by his "want" to take them on, not a pressing need. This has caused to put a lot of stress onto the world's governments, as well as his own division, the SPK. Within the SPK, strife is brewing, and even Near's closest advisors are losing support for their leader.

It doesn't help that recently leaked documents involving the original Kira case have just surfaced. And while these fuel even more hatred from the world's population (which was, for the most part, in support of Kira), they also serve to give their enemy a name. L. Near, as the L responsible for Light Yagami's death, is the one the world is looking for. And as demands for him to reveal himself grow, so do the calls on his life. Near, still calm under pressure, has rejected all calls for this and continued his duties.

When the New Kira surfaces, Near is the first one called to respond. The case, after only two days is fully handed to him and his team, with help from various world governments. He takes to it, with all his focus, and quickly sets out to catch this new killer...


  • When facing the most difficult cases, Near starts to eat chocolate, in a similar manner to how Mello did. However, these instances of "Mello recognition" are very rare.
  • The first toy Near is playing with, marbles, are specifically placed for symbolism, moreso than any other toy in the series.

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