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Namida Shi is a 14 year old schoolgirl and a possessor of a Death Note. She was bullied relentlessly and ostracized by her peers for her ghostly appearance and odd tendencies, but after discovering a Death Note, she tortures her bullies to death by various means. She will be the protagonist in an upcoming fanfiction.


Namida Shi is a small, slender 14 year old female. Her skin is described as deathly pale and dry, resulting in a ghost-like, almost unnatural appearance. Her hair is described as being long and messy with her bangs growing over one of her eyes, which are both black and rather sunken in. Her hair is rather worn out due to being pulled repeatedly and she is covered in scratches and bruises of which she hides. She calls her appearance "Nightmarish" frequently, and is often criticized for her appearance by her peers.


Namida starts off as very shy, depressed, emotionless, and cold. This is due to her discovering that her parents abandoned her and the relentless abuse she faced from her fellow peers. However, after finding a Death Note, she becomes more sadistic, bloodthirsty, and lusts for revenge against not only her peers and all who abused her, but for her true parents as well.


At a very young age, she was abandoned by her parents due to being believed to carry a curse due to her shocking appearance. She was taken in and raised, but she never learned social norms, and when taken to school for the first time, she was horribly abused by the other students due to her odd appearance and creepy behavior, and became depressed and suicidal.