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Misa Amane is one very interesting character. At first I thought that she is just a good-looking girl but she is very smart and clever. Of course, she can't compete with Light or L, but she has her own mind. She is also very strong. One of a kind who could endure such torture and yet, never to betray her true love. She was so sure of herself that her dependence on Light, made her even more stronger and unbreakable. Some people, especially women, would say that she was a weak and inferior woman, but that is far from the truth.

Because, to trust someone so blindly you have to be very brave and of course crazy :) at the same time. She has her own job as a model and she is one very popular girl. She knows what she wants and she will get it, no matter the cost. She is very certain of herself and she knew what she was doing when she offered herself as a tool to Light. She was ready for it. She didn't mind, as long as she owns Light. She is one hell of a girl and better not to make an enemy out of her. I am certain that she would make a living Hell of Light's life if she didn't get him by her side.

A woman in love is a very dangerous kind. :)

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