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Debut Death Note: OT "Trickery" Chapter 2
Birthday October 20, 183
Deathdate None, yet
Also known as (none)
Sign Libra
Age (at start of Our Truths) 38
Status at debut Mother

Hideki Kiryu

Haruki Kiryu

Masumi Kiryu

Knowledge 6/10
Conceptualization Power 6/10
Will to act 4/10
Motivation 7/10
Social Skills 8/10

"And what is this? My son's arm is broken? Again?"

— Mikara

Mikara Kiryu is a character featured in Death Note: Our Truths. She is the mother of Haruki and Masumi Kiryu. She is the wife of Hideki Kiryu. In the story, she is a stay at home mom. This ends up presenting problems as she grows a suspicion about her son's activities over the course of the story.



Mikara is average height and average weight. She has light colored eyes, almost grey in color. Her hair is a light brown color, and very long. Her skin is fair, and her face is beautiful (even with her age). Noticable is that she is missing a big part of her ear on the left side, and therefore can not hear well on that side.


Mikara doesn't have much personality showcased in Our Truths. She is a very "mother-like" figure, and takes care of her entire family. She spends most of her day cleaning, and making breakfast/dinner, but also is a very curious person. This leads to some trouble, when Haruki tries to hide his death note from his mother.


Our Truths

Like the other members of Haruki's family, Mikara isn't featured all that much. However, she does have an important role. Like Masumi she grows an interest in Haruki's sudden personality change. However, unlike Masumi, Mikara is home all day, even when Haruki isn't. This leads to tension within the family, where Haruki's mother begins to grow suspicious of her son, and his secret activities. This culminates when the SPK comes to visit, one day...


  • Mikara's name is based on the japanese for "crimson truth".

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