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Death Note; OT "Truth" chapter 24

Birthday July 22, 1993
Deathdate None, yet
Also known as (none)
Sign Cancer
Age 29
Status at debut No signifigant status




Knowledge 6/10
Conceptualization Power 8/10
Will to act 10/10
Motivation 10/10
Social Skills 5/10

"I do not fear him. I do not fear any man."

— Malu

Malu Ka'uhane is a character featured in Death Note: Our Truths. He is introduced late in the third season, with status and purpose unknown. As time goes on, however, his past is revealed as are his motives. Being of Hawaiian descent, Malu holds a very peaceful view on life, which is supplemented by his philosophical tendencies. As can be assumed by his quote, he is not on Kira's side, physically or spiritually.



Malu Ka'uhane is of hawaiian descent. Therefore he looks like a hawaiian. His hair is black, as are his eyes. He is normal weight, but taller than normal. He has unusually long fingers, which give off a weird appearanc when compared to the rest of his body. He is also very much muscular.


Malu's personality is predominately stoic, mystical, enigmatic. He usually does not use words to express himself, preferring to act. Malu's morality is strange, seeing as he detests Kira, but at the same time tries to save his life. This can be most easily explained by his way of not helping anyone moreso than another. This includes killers such as Kira. He is also a very loyal person, to those whom he is in league with.


Our Truths


  • Malu's character was one of the few to not be featured in the original draft of Our Truths.

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