A'kierra WhitewoodAKF (DN 2 : Kira's Successor)AKF (DN 2 : The One Who Won)
A and B appear in Death Note RelightAbby Marhsal (Death Note 2 : Kira's Successor)Agent Brennen
Agent HallowAgent IfufeAilee Kwon
Ailee Kwon (Redone)Aileen Osawa (Death Note Generations)Aivenawa Shinoda (私は、キラ / I, Kira)
Alicia Summer (私は、キラ / I, Kira)Alternative endingAmarath Nakamura
And The Story ContinuesAnother DayAnthony Carter (Our Truths)
Archangel (TDN)Archangel EyeAsa Amane (Shatter ME!)
Augustine GrangerAustralian National Police Agency (私は、キラ / I, Kira)Azrael (Shinigami)
BaloucherBeatrice Miller (Death Note 2 : The One Who Succeed)Brandon Wright
CSOP Headquarter (DN 2 : Kira's Successor)Caesar (Death Note 2 : Kira's Successor)Captain Harold (DN 2 : Kira's Successor)
CardinalCendre LeClaire CharbonneauCharacters (DNOWV)
Child Tale Killer (DN 2 : The One Who Won)Christian Atarashimono (私は、キラ / I, Kira)Clementine Carmichael
Clovis, Red, Maes and Marco (私は、キラ / I, Kira)Connor Summer (私は、キラ / I, Kira)Corman Nestius
DEATH NOTE: ReLightDaisuke YagamiDavid Connor (Death Note 2 : Kira's Successor)
Death Eraser (DN 2 : Kira's Successor)Death Note: After PeaceDeath Note: An Ideal Never Dying
Death Note: Beyond FutureDeath Note: Beyond The MindDeath Note: Black 7
Death Note: ContinuedDeath Note: Eru DesuDeath Note: Kira the 6th
Death Note: New StarsDeath Note: Our TruthsDeath Note: Parallels
Death Note: ProgramedDeath Note: Ratio's NoteDeath Note: Return from Purgatory
Death Note: Standing ApartDeath Note: Successor's ConflictDeath Note: The Final Decision
Death Note: The Fire EternalDeath Note: The World's in PainDeath Note; Sequel Project.
Death Note - NEW WORLDDeath Note 2: Spirit's FuryDeath Note 2: The New Generation
Death Note 2: The One Who SucceedDeath Note 2: The One Who WonDeath Note 2: The Ones Who Succeed
Death Note 2 (Legacy of the Inheritors)Death Note : Kira's Successor (Summary)Death Note Episode 38
Death Note Fanon:LeaderboardDeath Note Fanon:List of AchievementsDeath Note Fanon:Lonely Pages
Death Note Fanon WikiDeath Note IQsDeath Notes (DN 2 : Kira's Successor)
Death note anime and movie timelines connectedDeathnote (O.W.V)Did L think of Light as a friend?
Dimina Corabelle (私は、キラ)DistanceEcho
Elijah (Death Note 2 : The One Who Won)Elir MepherikElizabeth Gage (Death Note 2 : Kira's Successor)
Ellie (DN 2 : Kira's Successor)Ellie (Death Note 2 : The One Who Won)Eloisa Minnelli
FHM (DN 2 : The One Who Won)Ffion GriffithsFiction and nonfiction IQs
Fred KiraFrederick KingsleyFreud (DN 2 : The One Who Won)
Gaze (Death Note 2 : Kira's Successor)Grigori (Ghost) SizovHalle Lidner (DN 2 : The One Who Won)
Hanna YugariHaruki KiryuHaumea Atarashimono (私は、キラ / I, Kira)
Haze (Death Note 2 : Kira's Successor)Hei YoshimaruHenry Kissinger (私は、キラ / I, Kira)
Hideki KiryuHiizu FunakoshiHikari Leiko
Hikaru KanekoHimui TodaHiroto Yamamoto (Death Note: Beyond The Mind)
Homika YugariHope YagamiIndia Atarashimono (私は、キラ / I, Kira)
Indigo (Death Note 2 : Kira's Successor)International Comitee for Universal Protection (私は、キラ I, Kira)Ivan Komarov (私は、キラ / I, Kira)
J (Death Note 2 : Kira's Spirit)J (Death Note 2 : The One Who Won)Jakkuran
Jakkuran's Death NoteJun Atsushi (Death Note Generations)Just a Dream...
Justice Arc (Our Truths)K&S (Death Note 2 : Kira's Successor)KING
K (DN 2 : Kira's Successor)Kai HawiKairi Kuno
Kallet Vimerica (私は、キラ / I, Kira)Kaoru AmaneKatashi (私は、キラ / I, Kira)
KazuKeen (Our Truths)Kevin Higame (TWiP)
Kira (私は、キラ / I, Kira)Knochen von TodKyle Burton (DN 2 : Kira's Successor)
L's Spirit (Kira4real)L (Parallels)L never dies in the movie
LaRa SaikaLauren Blackheart (私は、キラ / I, Kira)Leaked American remake script
Light's Reincarnation TheoryLight Turner (SJTV)Light Yagami (KairiTyrande)
Light Yagami (Live Action)Light Yagami (Return from Purgatory)Light Yagami (Warning Letter)
Light Yagami (x2)Light Yagami (私は、キラ / I, Kira)Liliana Mikami
Liz Fukai (Death Note: Beyond The Mind)Luci (私は、キラ / I, Kira)Luke Yagami (Death Note: Beyond The Mind)
M (私は、キラ / I, Kira)Mafia (私は、キラ / I, Kira)Malu Ka'uhane
Mane (Death Note: Beyond The Mind)Massacre Season (Standing Apart)Masumi Kiryu
Matthew Connors (DN 2 : The One Who Won)Meghan Leech (Death Note 2 : Kira's Successor)Mikara Kiryu
Misa Amane's sisterMisa Amane (Death Note 2: The One Who Won)Misa Amane (KairiTyrande)
Misairu YagamiMisaki MiyamotoMizou Heiwajima
Moorga Jimboomba (私は、キラ / I, Kira)Movie 1: Long Live the QueenMovie 2: My secret side
Movie 3: Adios my shinegamiMovies (DNOWV)Mr. E
Myra a.k.a. MN (1AishaTakahasi1)Namida Shi
Natasha (DN 2 : Kira's Successor)Near (Death Note 2)Near (Death Note 2: The One Who Won)
Near (Death Note 2 : Kira's Spirit)Near (Death Note 2 : The One Who Won)Near (Eru Desu)
Near (Our Truths)Near (Programed)Near (Spirit's Fury)
Near - L's Successor (The First Case)New Kira (Keiner Nichts)New National Socialist Party
Niemand (Death Note 2 : Kira's Successor)Nigel Blackheart (私は、キラ / I, Kira)North Korean civil war (私は、キラ / I, Kira)
Not A Piece of CakeOdin (DN 2 : Kira's Successor)Operation Phoenix (Death Note 2 : The One Who Won)
Ozaki BrothersPatiencePax Foster (Death Note 2 : Kira's Successor)
Pearl Parson (私は、キラ / I, Kira)Q (Death Note 2 : Kira's Successor)R & Q (DN 2: The World)
R and Q (Death Note 2: The Ones Who Succeed)RaghtRed Lake Slayer (DN 2 : Kira's Successor)
Ren Yamamoto (Death Note: Beyond The Mind)RiddlesRiley Adams (Death Note 2 : Kira's Successor)
Rin Sohma (x2)Room 45 (DN 2 : Kira's Successor)Rugo (私は、キラ / I, Kira)
Ryan Parson (私は、キラ / I, Kira)Ryuk (Death Note 2 : Kira's Successor)Ryuk (Our Truths)
RyuukaS (Death Note 2: The Ones Who Succeed)Sakura Kaname
Samuel Baskin (Death Note 2 : Rebirth)Samuel HaydenSasame Fuma
Sayu Yagami (Death Note 2 : Kira's Successor)Sean McLeod (DN 2 : Kira's Successor)Sebastian Tabler (Death Note 2 : Kira's Successor)
Seichi Nagase (Death Note: The Last Name)Shatter ME!Shinigami (KidVegeta)
Shinya KogamiShirley Kerfield (Death Note 2 : The One Who Won)Shizou/S Heiwajima
Shoen Jump UltimateShogo Makishima (Return from Purgatory)Shuichi Aizawa (DN 2 : Kira's Successor)
Simon Crane (DN 2 : Kira's Successor)Sora Yamamoto (Death Note: Beyond The Mind)Stalin (Death Note 2 : Kira's Successor)
Steve Mungalo (私は、キラ / I, Kira)Steve Norton (Death Note 2 : Kira's Successor)Story of Succession
Story of the CenturyT (Death Note 2 : Kira's Successor)Tashi Yagami
The Damned OneThe Death Note (AtlantisUchiha)The Kira Society (TWiP)
The Kira SoulThe Story of Beyond SilsonThomas Blackheart (私は、キラ / I, Kira)
Thot (Death Note 2 : Kira's Successor)Timeline (私は、キラ / I, Kira)Timothy Harlow (Death Note 2 : Kira's Successor)
Tiny KisargiTomorrow's Today Tonight (私は、キラ / I, Kira)Truth Arc (Our Truths)
Tsugumi Ohba (私は、キラ / I, Kira)United Nations (私は、キラ I, Kira)Unknown (Death Note 2 : Kira's Successor)
Unnamed Shinigami (Death Note 2 : Kira's Successor)Valluzzi Family (DN 2 : The One Who Won)Viper Scott (私は、キラ / I, Kira)
W.A.M.K (Death Note 2 : Kira's Successor)W.G.M (Death Note: Beyond The Mind)War on Kira (私は、キラ / I, Kira)
Why Light Should Have Legitimately WonWilliam ThomasX Note
X Note: The X-Deaths/Chapter 1: AwakeXavier (Death Note 2 : Kira's Sucessor)Xavier Scar
Yasser ElbagerYatsuk Okada (私は、キラ / I, Kira)Yokou
Yui Yamamoto (Death Note: Beyond The Mind)Yuina Yamamoto (Death Note: Beyond The Mind)Yukari Yamaguchi
Zero (Death Note 2 : Kira's Successor)デスノート2: 新世界(Death Note 2: The World)デスノート2 :キラの後継者 (DN 2 : Kira's Successor)
デスノート2:フェニックス Death Note 2 : Phoenix私は、キラ / I, Kira

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