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Many years after Kira was killed, and his ultimate rival L, a new generation would show itself. The only person left standing out of all of them was Near, but he was old running the Wammy's Hous. Liliana's last name is Mikami but did Teru have a child? Could it be some type of connection between them? The only know facts about her is she comes from a rich noble family her father being a business man, who was one of the wealthiest people in Japan after they moved from England

Appearance: Liliana wears a lot of makeup like she is hiding her own Appearance, but she has no scars or any reason to hide it. Many could like her real appearance more, but there is a reason behind it. She has a slim figure having a light skin tone, because of the makeup she wears. She also has Dark Black hair with crimson red eyes. Her clothes most of the time is off gothic lolita, making it more stylish, by mixing in her own elements. Many right away can tell she is of noble blood. She smiles a lot, but that is because Liliana is a smart liar. But when she gets angry, you can see it, really easy by her tone and actions that are made by Liliana.


History: Liliana comes from a wealthy family, Mikami. Her father believes to crush anyone to gain power, and right now he doesn't slow down in doing so. He cares about Liliana, but he doesn't listen to what she says or thinks, even arranging a marriage for her, but each time she has got out of it. But it's still set. She does have a sister, but many things are odd, nobody has seen her with Liliana, maybe it's because she is working as an Idol? Not once have they been seen in the same place, Liliana has never even been to her show before when Alexis is singing. It's like she just vanishes. She grows up in a rich home learning all she could, but it's not much more to Liliana and that.


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