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Light Turner was the main protagonist of the Death Note American film series. After discovering the Death Note, he decides to use it to rid the world of criminals. His killings are eventually labelled by people of America as the work of "Kira."


Light is a young man, standing at above average height with blond hair and brown eyes. He tends to dress in a sweater and a coat.


Light is delusional, believing that his mass killings are acts of justice. He is obsessed with ridding crime from the world so no one will have to suffer the way he did when he lost his mother. However, when Mia wants to go further by killing the law enforcement chasing him, he reaches a line he will not cross, and he begins to doubt everything he's done. He is truly just a misguided vigilante who commits horrible acts, and ends up committing more horrible acts just so things can go right again.

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