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"I got 99 problems, and being rich and hot solves 95 of them."- Kallet, Chapter 21

Appearance Edit

Kallet is a medium-height, attractive woman with long golden hair and blood-red eyes, and she usually wears something that's either old-fashioned or highly revealing.

Character Edit

In Chapter 4, Chris describes Kallet as being popular, rich and "horrifyingly mean". Her Yandere mindset severely dampens any feelings of remorse or self-regret that she gets, and Chris mentions that she "seems to absorb energy from the suffering of those she doesn't like". She's also far more intelligent than she appears.

In chapter 20 it's shown that she often goes on endless rants spanning multiple topics.

History Edit

Prior to the events of I, Kira, Kallet is implied to have had multiple boyfriends, all of whom dumped her and at least some of whom had their new girlfriends directly murdered by Kallet herself. Kallet and Chris had been dating for an unknown amount of time in 2016 before Chris left her on October 11.

Plot Edit


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Conception Edit


Trivia Edit

Kallet's name comes from the German and Swedish words for "Cold".

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