Kairi Kuno

Kairi Kuno is an ally of Yasser Elbager. She is bomber who destroy Near for Kira. She have secret feeling to Yasser for love.


She cried a lot when she was a kid front of everyone dying around at her village with blood.


She is in a jail waiting for Kira come to rescue her when Yasser sends a letter to her offering an alliance.


Minene considers herself a survivor first and foremost, and her Escape Diary reflects her belief. Before gaining her Future Diary, Minene still had an early version of the Escape Diary which she used as a regular journal, and had to navigate her own ways out of situations, writing down the possible escape routes in the diary. Because of her survival instincts, Minene believes she does not need anyone else in her life to help her, after spending her childhood and teenage years alone with no love or guidance. Minene is very tactical and intelligent, and is able to deduce and gather information easily.



(To Yasser) "D-Don't be stranger,okay?"

"Hey!! What the hell were you thinking you doing? You almost got me killed!!"

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