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"Those who Assist you in the evil you commit I shall punish them and I will make You stand trial for your crimes you have comitted for you see...I AM JUSTICE !!!"

— (KING talking to Kira and his supporters)


Birth Name:    


Kael Ian Nataniel Galen   Death Note (LOTI) Episode 14: King Me

Birthday August 4th
Deathdate Still Active
Also known as KING, K and Callum Xavier(Publicly)
Sign Leo
Age 20
Status at debut Unknown
Relations SPK, Near



Conceptualization Power 10/10
Will to act 10/10
Motivation 9/10

Social Skill


A brilliant detective who is working with the SPK and Near to Solve the Kira case


Not a lot is known about him publicly but what is known about him is known only by the SPK his profile states that a man named Watanabe found him when he was 3 years old and took him in and as  time passed he would become Nears Successor's He Graduated out of Whammy's House when he was only 8 years old he is a genius and a excellent Detective and has great deductive skills every case he's ever taken is solved without difficulty.


KING is a lot like Near very calm and calculated but he is more easily upset a lot like Mello in a sense he is the combination of both he is very impatient at times. He is very childish and hates to lose he is often very judgmental of others. He comes as being across very arrogant but he is very kind hearted as well playful. He is often hyper and doesn't stay in one place.


He has olive skin and he is very lazy so he is often dressed in a pair of white slacks and a green sweater similar to what L wore he has messy Chocolate Brown hair that goes down to about his shoulders and has hazel eyes he is a pudgy he has long arms and short legs he often sits in peculiar sitting positions much like L did when he was a alive.


When he is in deep thought his hair becomes pink

When he is solving his case he often eats anything Sugary much like L did

In a way he is the spiritual succesor to L

His weight is 190'lb

His height is 5'8