"I don't care about letters. The ideas and opinions of others don't affect me. I decide with my own thoughts."- Indy, Chapter 8

India Atarashimono (most often referred to as Indy) is Chris' kindhearted yet strong-willed and independent older sister.


Indy has black hair and blue eyes. In chapter 9 it is mentioned that she calls her own fashion style "I am cold and pissed off". She's also implied to be quite physically strong, as evidenced by the large number of weapons she can carry..


Following her years in the mafia, Indy has grown extremely cautious and independent, and often feels unnecessarily overprotective of her younger brother.


Indy joined the Mafia with her brother in 2013, and left with him sometime in early 2016.


Indy's first notable appearance is when she attends a Justin Bieber concert on October 24. She's the first to inform Chris of Justin's death, hence unintentionally informing him that his Death Note was real. When Kira first appears, Indy at first doesn't seem to care much about the phenomenon, although at the back of her mind she is slightly worried that Kira will kill her.

On November 3, Indy receives a mysterious email which leads her into a brief conversation with Tom via the Dark Web. This exchange is brief as Indy refuses to listen to Tom after he suggests her placing a hidden camera in Chris's room. TBA









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