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"What's life without entertainment?"
—Hope Yagami

Hope Yagami (夜神保歩 (ほうぷ) , Yagami Hōpu) is the main protagonist of the fanfiction Harrow. She has gained Ryuk's death note instead of her brother, Light, becoming Kira with the intent of using this as an excuse to get the world police chasing her for her own amusement.

Hope is an OC character created by Mewrlise for her story Harrow. She is a character which reincarnated in the Death Note world.


Hope is a reasonably tall girl with fair skin and long, straight, light-brown hair, usually left loose but occasionally pulled back in a ponytail. She has dark brown eyes which sometimes appear black.

Hope has been described as fashionable, choosing to wear mainly light coloured clothing. She seems to have a preference for simple designs and rarely wears jewellery beyond earrings which are usually seen to be a pair of dangling crosses gifted to her from Misa. She also typically wears peach lipstick and often paints her nails light blue.



Hope grew up in Japan with her family, consisting of her father, Soichiro Yagami, her mother, Sachiko Yagami, her fraternal twin brother, Light Yagami, and her younger sister, Sayu Yagami.

Growing up she portrayed herself as the less academically orientated twin, showing instead prodigious talent in martial arts. Being a junior world champion.

At the start of the fanfiction, Hope is a third-year high school student (12th Grade) at Daikoku Private Academy and also attends supplemental classes at Gamou Prep Academy in the beginning of the story. She later attends college at To-Oh University (東応大学, Tōō Daigaku).



Unsatisfied with the world as it currently was, Hope, after acquiring the Death Note which fell in her shool's backyard, sets to use it with the sole purpose to gain L's attention and hopefully shave off her boredom.





  • Light Yagami: He is Hope's twin brother and best friend. She picked up the notebook before him in an effort to spare him from becoming Kira and allowing it to consume his life. She cares for him deeply and does not take kindly to threats towards his person. Their trust only grew when she realised Light was willing to sacrifice his morals if it meant protecting her despite being against Kira from the beginning.
  • Sayu Yagami: Hope younger sister whom she is very overprotective of. The two share a close bond and often spend time together especially gossiping and watching movies together. When Sayu's safety was threatened by Mello, Hope purposefully stuck close to her sibling and ensured the younger could escape when they were surrounded by the latter's gang members.
  • Misa Amane:
  • Mikami Teru: They meet when Hope was still in junior high and she was returning home from her dojo. En route she notices a group of boys physically assaulting Mikami and intervenes. She helps him to the hospital and waits till his mother is there before leaving, telling Mikami that he should never be ashamed for standing up to justice. Years later, taking advantage of Mikami's personality, Hope sends him her Death Note with a set of specific instructions in order for him to carry on as Kira while she was in police custody.
  • Reiji Namikawa:
  • L Lawliet: As
  • Ryuk: Hope seems to hold some modicum of respect for the shinigami, though she typically treats him as an annoying friend regardless of whether the shinigami returns the sentiment or not.


  • The name Yagami literally means "night god."
  • Hope is a world-renowned junior martial arts champion. With a focus on judo but experience in the likes of kendo and kyudo.
  • Hope's name is what is known as a kirakira name as the kanji used for it are not read as they typically would. Hence why people often mispronounce her name like they do Light's.
  • Light claimed Hope to be on the same level intelligence-wise as himself only more lazy. He does, however, point out that she is better at cracking codes and hacking than he.


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