Himui Toda
Himui Toda
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Kira Corps

Himui Toda is the main character of Death Note: Programed and is the creator of Kira Corps, which is now the most used website in the world and regular hangout for anyone on the internet.


Himui is fairly short for a boy his age and is a slender teenager. His has dark brown hair which is commonly mistaken as black. He has big light blue eyes that often looks uncertain.He wears a black zip-able long sleeved kind of shirt. He always wears his orange jacket. He normally wears his orange shorts. He wears bright white shoes that are very flexible in size.


Himui is very insecure. He is lonely because he has no friends or anyone he could talk to freely as he is orphan that never had a family. At the beginning of programmed he would run away from anything that has a high chance of killing him. After season four and him finding his true resolve he wasn't really scared of much anymore.


At the end of Programmed he ends up killing himself while saving Near from what would have been certain death, and is now looked upon as very different from the other Kira and there ideals. "He actually had a soul," Near said in his small speech that ended the Programmed series.