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"I will succeed where the first Kira failed I will create a new world where only good kind hearted people exist in harmony anyone who opposes me I will strike down for you see... I AM THE GOD OF THE NEW WORLD"

— Hikaru Kaneko talking to Abbadon


Birth Name:


Hikaru Kaneko

Death Note (LOTI)Episode 1: Genesis

Birthday July 12
Deathdate Still Active
Also known as


Sign Cancer
Age 16
Status at debut Active



Conceptualization Power 10/10
Will to act 10/10
Motivation 10/10

Social Skill


A brilliant student who was a believer in the ideals of the original Kira he is a straight A student who comes across a Death Note and becomes the new Kira.


As a child, his family was murdered, he then heard about Kira, a savior who killed criminals, he prayed that the man who murdered his family would be killed by him. And as his new savior, he aspired to be like Light Yagami, a friend of his brothers who was murdered. In present day, he is a straight A student, a hard working young man, and one day while wandering in a parking lot, a drunk man started to relentlessly harass a young woman in the bar, and she later ran out, the man caught her, and raped her. Hikaru tried to help but was stopped by the drunk mans friend, he watched as she was raped, when they were done, he fell to the ground crying, their he found it... the Death Note.


He has short black hair he has red eyes and pale skin he is tall and well toned he usually wears a Red hoodie with black skinny jeans and a white top muscle shirt underneath his hoodie.