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Hiizu Funakoshi (舟腰 禾)
Hiizu Funakoshi Profile Image
Name Hiizu Funakoshi (舟腰 禾)
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Blood Type A
Date of Birth December 4th, 1986 (manga)
Age 18 (pre-timeskip)
22 (post-timeskip)
25 (post-series one-shot)
13 (L: Change the WorLd)
Height 170.9cm (5'6")
Weight 54.8kg (121lbs.)
Occupation Informant
Organization National Police Agency
Japanese Task Force
Official Stats
Intelligence 9/10
Creativity 3/10
Initiative 6/10
Emotional Strength 7/10
Social Skills 3/10
Life Skills 10/10
Voice Actors
Japanese Yukana
English Scarlett Johansson
Spanish Lola Herrera
French Valérie Karsenti

Hiizu Funakoshi is an informant for the National Police Agency (and by extension the Japanese Task Force), who is in custody of a Japanese prefecture once her legal guardians were convicted of crimes. She later attempts to coax Kira into killing the people who are holding her "hostage."


Hiizu's appearance is quite unremarkable, and though some see her as androgynous, she is mostly perceived to be female. She has short and spiky reddish-brown hair, slightly pale skin, dark greenish-grey eyes, and long limbs and fingernails.

Prior to L's death, she is seen with blue framed glasses, but on the date of his death she changed the frame color to red. This is purely by coincidence.



Hiizu was born in Akihibara to a mother who had taken up prostitution nearly three years prior to her birth, and a long-time client of her mother's.  Her father only saw them during the night, at which point her mother was out working, so she only ever spent time with one parent at a time. Despite this detachment, Hiizu considered them all to be a full-fledged family, and never thought badly of either of them once she learned how they met when she grew older. ​








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