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Debut Death Note: OT "Trickery" Chapter 2
Birthday August 22, 2006
Deathdate None, yet
Also known as

(nickname) Ruki


Sign Leo
Age (at start of Our Truths) 16 years old
Status at debut High School Student

Kiryu Family

Knowledge 9/10
Conceptualization Power 10/10
Will to act 9/10
Motivation 10/10
Social Skills 10/10

"Justice... that's all that matters to me."

— Haruki

Haruki Kiryu (鬼柳春樹, Kiryu Haruki) is a character and the protagonist featured in Death Note: Our Truths. He is the main character followed in this story, because of his role as Kira. As Kira, he continues Light Yagami's quest to create the perfect world. In doing so, he reveals his presence to Near, the world's greatest detective. Thus begins the chase, of Near trying to end Kira before the latter achieves his perfect world...



Haruki's height is 5'9" and his weight is 107 lbs. This gives him the appearance of a skinny teenager. His hair is a dark brown, and mostly short, though it does go down past his neck in the back. His eyes are a dark grey (but not black). He rarely wears long pants as well, opting for shorts even in winter. This may come back to haunt him later...


Regarding morals, Haruki is quite similar to Light Yagami. He really detests criminals and murders especially, and has no pity for any of them. This remorseless nature is quite striking, when compared to the rest of his personality. Because, normally, he is rather normal, if upbeat. He also has a complicated superiority complex, one which is not evident at first, because of his generally passive/possitive personality. While this has not lead him to becoming a lone wolf, his "passive superiority" has lead him to want to be a leader, just not with passion. Upon getting the Death Note, this passion surfaces for the first time. Here, as Kira, he is very content to be the ruler of the world, if in secret. He also has an arrogance that could get him into trouble... and has a hard time keeping secrets. A constant, reoccuring, emotionality point is Haruki's internal debate on whether to reveal himself, if only to those close to him. Several times, he will be tested with those thoughts.


Our Truths


  • Haruki Kiryu's blood type is "A". While this really means nothing, some people think it holds signifigance. It will not in this story, however.
  • Despite being the main character, Haruki isn't even introduced until the second episode of "Our Truths".
  • Just a note, but all names here will be written in the western fashion of first name/last name.

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