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"If you believed you would get anything out of me you were mistaken, You will not have Lemur's location and you will not hold me prisoner." -Ghost

Grigori (Ghost) Sizov
Featured In
True Name
Grigori Sizov
Also Known As
Blood Type
Date of Birth
December 16th 1994
Date of Death
October 9th 2013
15 (Pre Timeskip) 21 (Post Timeskip)
The Black Ring
Emotional Strength
Social Skills

Ghost (Grigori Sizov) is a hitman/terrorist who is a fan-made character in the Death Note universe. Ghost has not appeared in any fanfictions yet.


Ghost has scraggly gray hair, ice blue eyes and pale white skin. Ghost is rather lean and walks in a rather drunken style

Ghost's outfit before the timeskip consisted of a black tank top, gray sweatpants and white hightops

Ghost's casual attire consists of a black pullover hoodie, gray jeans, and brown hightops.

When Ghost is out on his Hitman job/Terrorist job, he wears his black hoodie under a gray trenchcoat, black tights with thighguards, kneeguards and shinguards, brown boots and fingerless gloves. The most iconic peice of Ghost's outfit is his white mask with a small mouth-hole and two large eyeholes.

Ghost is 1/2 Russian, 1/4 Serbian and 1/4 Hungarian

Ghost uses a variety of different weapons, but Ghost's most preferred weapon is a sniper rifle.

Origins and Present

Little is known of Ghost's past. It is known that at one point, Ghost joined The Black Ring at a younger age and befriends Lemur, who inherited leadership of The Black Ring after Lynx died. Ghost and Lemur worked as partners in crime, and sought to achieve the same level of power and godliness that Kira had.

Ghost was once a hitman, taking jobs for small crime groups. Ghost however joined up with Lemur and The Black Ring and ended his hitman career, going after a life of terrorism. Ghost and Lemur would commit atrocities against Kira supporters, such as killing important executives at organizations supporting Kira (like Sakura TV) or killing government officials on Kira's side. Ghost's most notable actions however conisted of a terrorist attack live during "Kira's Kingdom". and a failed plot to kill Kiyomi Tadaka.

Ghost and Lemur disband The Black Ring after the death of Light and the fall of Kira. While Lemur continues to involve himself in crime, Ghost comes to the conclusion that since Kira's reign of godhood ended, and his goal was to become Kira, he must end his goals to become like Kira. Ghost is eventually found by the CIA, and while no longer an active criminal, he chose to keep Lemur's whereabouts forever a secret, and Ghost took his own life.


Ghost is very introverted, unlike Lemur. Ghost is very persistent and has a lot of initiative, doing most of Lemur's work for him. Ghost is very close to Lemur and will only speak to him. Ghost, despite being very quiet, has the exact opposite of a submissive personality and will not take nonsense from anyone. Ghost is very radical in his beliefs.


  • Ghost has a fear of crabs
  • Ghost and Lemur form most of their plans over a game of basketball

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