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"There's no escape buddy. You're here alone with me..."

— Freud

"Living in an asylum for more than four years would probably make everyone a little bit crazy."

— Freud

Freud is a (former) friend of J or Kira. He and J met each other at a comic convention. While Freud had a disturbing childhood and was by some people described as crazy, good looking and sometimes even dangerous, he was still very loyal towards his friends. He's known to be among the best hackers in the USA, being able to hack high protected data-bases without leaving a trace. His life changed dramatically, when he was charged for a murder he didn't commit. He was judged guilty however, J managed to save him, by telling him to play insane to escape the punishment of death. He did and had to live for many years in a closed asylum, before he was released 4 months before the Kira case started. Now living near the salton sea, he's still watched by psychologists to see if he's now stable or not. However he gets involved in the Kira case, when J needs his help. He locates him after a long time, and then, takes him to the task force headquarters, where he becomes friends with Riley and Emilia, a woman he seems to respect deeply. While Jason has nothing against Freud, he's sometimes insecure around Freud stating, that he kinda creeps the fuck out of him.

While it is revealed, that J gave him the death note to continue Kiras work stating, that it's a part of his plan, to get closer to Near.

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