This Article, Frederick Kingsley, is property of Dante knightley.


Frederick is the butler/assistant to Myra, role played by Kitana Oasis Black.

He is role played by Dante Knightley

Frederick is Quillsh Wammy's (Watari) Son and has been Myra Butler for quite a long time. They has grown to respect each other and their relationship has turned into best friends. He helps on a lot of her cases and sometimes goes off and works on his own. Frederick is highly intelligent and uses his intelligence to aid Myra in any way he can. Frederick is very rich, as he inherited his fathers fortune when he did, and supplies Myra with all the necessary tools and equipment she needs.

Personality: Frederick tends to keep to the shadows until his is needed. He finds human interaction to be tedious and boring but engages in many conversations to collect information or gain the trust of others. He is very serious but knows when it is time to have fun. He is highly intelligent and

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