This Article, Fiction and nonfiction IQs, is property of Kira'swill200.

Hi every one kiraswill200 here after a long time away from the greatness that is the INTERNET!!! So I'm back and the first thing I'm here to bring you is........ANOTHER IQ LIST!!!! (Boo You STINK!!!).Ok if any of you (and I do mean this lightly because I don't know if you remember/care) I made a story that was called: Beyond The Mind and never finished.

Reason #1: writers block

Reason #2: lazy me

Reason #3: lost interest

Anyway on to the list, this list is just like Death Note IQs expect that this one involves any people/Character that comes to mind real or not.

The IQ Scale

Over 200=Unmeasurable Genius

180-200=Highest Genius

165-179=High Genius

155-164=Genius (e.g. Noble Prize Winners)

145-154=Genius (e.g. Professors)

135-144=Highly Gifted (e.g. Intellectuals)

125-134=Gifted (e.g. Post-Graduate Students)

115-124=Above Average (e.g. University Students)



70-79=Borderline Deficiency

Under 70=Definite Feeble-Mindedness

The Rules

  1. If you don't like the scale thats ok but PLEASSSEEEE don't miss with it
  2. This all for FUN nothing else
  3. please put username to identify your list
  4. your iq scores can be whatever you want them to be


Light Yagami/Kira: 199 (Death Note)

L Lawliet/L: 193 (Death Note)

Nate Rivers/Near: 200 (Death Note)

Mihael Keehl/Mello: 177 (Death Note)

Lelouch Vi Britannia/Lamperouge/Zero: 183 (Code Geass)

Alexander Joseph Luthor/Lex Luthor: 225-230 (DC Comics)

Bruce Wayne/Batman: 192 (DC Comics)

Edward Nigma/The Riddler: 189 (DC Comics)

Sherlock Holmes: 190 (Literature)

Peter Parker/Spider-Man: 250 (Marvel Comics)

Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic: 295 (Marvel Comics)

Sora: 290 (No Game No Life)

Shiro: 350 (No Game No Life)

Victor Von Doom/Dr Doom: 284 (Marvel Comics)

My Fan-Made Characters

Luke Yagami/L: 275 (Death Note)

Hiroto Yamamoto/S-I [Super Intellect]Kira #1: 327 (Death Note)

Ren Yamamoto: 200 (Death Note)

Yui Yamamoto: 196 (Death Note)

Sora Yamamoto: 166 (Death Note)

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