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The FHM (Four horsemen) is a cyber and bioterrorism group who target celebrities, politicians, the FBI, the CIA, Mi6, several countries and even power plants. They use hacking, and self created viruses to archieve their goals. They have four leaders, on which a man under the name Elijah is the main leader of the group, he's also one of the most talented in the group, when it comes to manipulating and winning people for his goals.

The FHM made their debut by hacking the accounts of thousands people from social network, and posting them online, under the attacked accounts were a lot of politicians, and FBI agents.

They are called the most dangerous group on earth. And John calls them his worst enemies, right with Sebastian and the deceased serial killer Nathan Miller.






(Full names come later)


Beatrice Müller

Luke Harris

Jason Vorhees

Freddy Haize


(The leaders can hack too, but they often let the hackers do their work)

George McLeech

Akira Minami

Jonny Miller

Mia Kerr

Insiders inside the CIA:



IAA (this is an agency that secretely supports the FHM with money, weapons, informations, intelligence support and even a secret base in the deserts of L.A that is accessable through boats, in where they create diseases and viruses, the base however is found by the AKF and stormed by them):

Most special agents

30 trained soldiers who observe the secret base. However many of them are either killed, crippled or captured by the AKF and the FBI.

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