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Eloisa oc info by tsubaki bases-d51fs3p
Eloisa Minnelli

Eloisa Minneli is part of the Mafia and is a famous model. She is Cendre's best friend.


Eloisa got long, wavy burnt orange hair and pale sea-foam eyes. She also got a beauty mark under her right eye. She wear lots of different styles since she is a model.


She is very laid-back sounding but can be a bit rude sounding at first but is sincere and loyal to her friends. However, would save herself before anyone else if there was danger. She can be too truthful and doesn't pay mind to people's feelings if she doesn't know them well. She can be easily manipulated and is shop-a-holic.


Eloisa is a only child and lived with her parents in America. When she was fourteen, she signed up to become a model and quickly known famous model throughout the world. She joined Mafia when she is sventeen. She carries around two daggers.

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