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"Humanity is a burden. A disease. And I'm the one who's gonna erase humanity."

— Elijah

Elijah is one of the main antagonists in the first half of the second season from Death Note 2 : The One Who Won. Born as a shy child of a prostitute, Elijah was bullied by his mother and later his step-father. His step-father would sometimes beat him near death. When Elijah was ten his step-father died. Blaming him, his mother beat him even more, till one day, Elijah fought back, killing her with a knife when he was only ten years old. He would then attend Wammys House with

Later joining a special task force which would fight global terrorists, Elijah learned alot about terrorism knowing how to hide himself and how to win a battle while being outnumbered. His team was then captured. Being tortured for seven months, Elijah was the last one being freed because the goverment chose a female member instead of him.

After he returned home, Elijah felt in love with a woman, who would then cheat on him, take his money and leave the country. Elijah then snapped and chose to erase humanity for causing so many wars and sheding so much blood, and being evil overall. He then started a global ring of terrorists becoming the leader of the group, causing the deaths of many innocent people including Freud a good friend of John.

After he nearly detonated a atom bomb in New York, his helicopter was shot down, causing a explosion which would burn most of his lower body. Bleeding out and burned, he tried to crawl to a nearby gun, only to be confronted by John which would then write his name in the death note to revenge Freud.

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