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The Discovery Arc is the first arc of Death Note: Our Truths. It takes place before the Ambition Arc. In this season, Haruki Kiryu receives a Death Note from the Shinigami Ryuk, and becomes Kira. This season details of what happens thereafter.


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Complete Plot


Death Note

How To Use It


In the world of gods of death there are a few copies of what humans may call user guidebook[s] for using the Death Note in the human world. However, the guidebook is not allowed to be delivered to humans.

“Apples. Apples. They are so… juicy. I need them. I need them now!”

It was sunset in the Shinigami Realm. Just another day on the timeless scale. Just like any other day, everyone was gambling. Well, almost everyone. Ryuk, alone, was sitting away, on the ground watching them.

“Come on, Ryuk!”

“Yeah, you in?”

With a sigh, Ryuk rolled over into the classic snow angel form. He sighed again, “That’s too boring for my tastes, Guuku.”

Kinddara laughed. “That time in the human realm really warped your senses, Ryuk. Come on, everyone else is in. Join us.”

Suddenly Ryuk’s neck contorted, causing him to jump up into the air in pain. A ripple of laughter crept up through the crowd of shinigami gambling. Ryuk, embarrassed, descended to the ground with a soft growl. The pains had come back. Worse, they were even more frequent than when he was in the human world. Amazing, considering what this realm had come to. What he wouldn’t give for another chance to go back to the human world…

While the Shinigami realm was mostly an unchanging place, over the time since Light Yagami’s death the atmosphere and general demeanor had deteriorated. Shinigami were now even less motivated to prolonging their lives by using their notebooks. This had lead to several suicides, some of which Ryuk had even witnessed.

It was hard enough to get a second notebook the first time. Stealing one now would be impossible. But, given the circumstances, stealing another book could be possible… if only Ryuk could force another to suicide. But who?

Ryuk looked around at the other shinigami. Kinddara; she had just killed a human yesterday. No good. Dellidubbly; he hadn’t killed anybody in a while, but he wouldn’t forget. No good either. Guuku; one of the least talented shinigami, and not one with a good memory. He would be perfect. With a smile, Ryuk stood up. “Heh heh, sure I’ll join."

Death Note

How To Use It


[If a god of death is killed] the dead god of death will disappear but the Death Note will remain. The ownership of this Death Note is usually carried over to the next god of death that touches it, but it is common sense that it is returned to the great god of death.

“300 years.” Ryuk placed his chips into the middle of the table, staring at Guuku, “That’s what I bet.”

Guuku’s eyes widened, “Th-three hundred? Are you crazy Ryuk? I don’t have that many!”

“Well then just put as many years as you have left into the pot. I don’t mind,” Ryuk laughed.

“B-b-ut…,” Guuku stammered, in fear.

“Well, I’m out then.” Dellidubbly said.

Ryuk leaned forward, seeing his opportunity. It was just him and Guuku now. “You wouldn’t want to waste what you already have put in. Over a hundred years.”

Guuku looked at the pot. So many combined years within in. Ryuk smiled. He had prepared for this, giving himself over a thousand human years of life, just in case. It was all so… easy.

“Fine,” Guuku mumbled. He, with trembling fingers put all of his remaining years into the pot. “Show me what ya got,” he said, still trembling.

Ryuk, leaned back and placed his cards on the table. Guuku did likewise. Everyone gasped, and Guuku’s eyes widened. Ryuk had won. Carefully, the shinigami got up and walked around to where Guuku was sitting. He crouched down next to Guuku, speaking softly into the other’s ear.

“It’s unfortunate that it has to end this way, Guuku, but I’ve got things to do, so I won’t drag this out,” Ryuk, with a laugh stopped. He then took out his own book and added Guuku’s lifespan to his own. Guuku screamed and then in a quick burst of light he disappeared, leaving only his notebook and a pile of sand behind.

Ryuk picked up the notebook, shaking the sand off of it. With one more look up to the sky, he jumped into the air, and flew off into the setting sun. He was laughing again.

Rain. It was always raining. Well, in this shitty city it was. Near was sitting in the ambulance, watching what was going on outside. The SPK, or Special Provision for Kira was still his to command, but with it’s prime suspect now dead, funding had gone dry as well. Only he and Commander Rester remained.

But it wasn’t always so. Just a few months back both Gevanni and Lidner were still alive. Before the accident, anway. Their deaths had had a heavy toll on Rester. But not for Near. No, being L, he had to be held to a higher standard. He had to separate himself from his emotions. That’s the only way to look at things cleary. That’s the only way to win.

And all this rain. Near didn’t understand it. How people could live in it, without so much as giving a notice. The constant noise could hamper Near’s abilities by up to 6%. And to think people live in it everyday. Near sighed, tired. He would be glad to leave this place soon. Near looked down at the marbles he was playing with. They were so messy, so disorganized. So unpredictable.

Anthony Rester opened the passenger door into the ambulance, and got in. He was soaked.

“You were right, Near… L. Like always. And he had the girl too,” Rester coughed.

“Did she survive?” Near’s attention was now fully on Rester, though he continued to play with his marbles. He picked one up, and tried to balance it on another. But, it fell, just like the rest.

Rester wasn’t paying attention. Gruffly, he said, “Yeah, he got one cut in on her before we took him out. We were lucky this time.” He peered out of the window, trying to see through the rain. “They’re bringing her out. You’re going to need to move, Near.”

Just at that time, the back doors swung open, and EMTs and Paramedics swarmed in. Near, unmoving, was pushed aside, his marbles flying about.

An EMT slips on some of them, causing the whole operation to stop.

“Damnit man, do ya have to bring those things in here? Don’t you know what an ambulance is?!

Near was not listening, however. Instead, he got up and delicately picked up each and every marble, placing them into his pocket. “You can bring her in now.”

“Thank you, your highness,” the EMT said.

Within moments the victim was brought into the ambulance, and the vehicle was on its way. The remaining EMTs inside stared at Near, who simply stared back.

“Commander Rester, how many men did it take to pull this off?” Near asked.

“Uh… I think it was… it was a dozen. Yeah, a dozen. But that doesn’t count these guys,” Rester pointed around at the paramedics in the ambulance. “Yeah, without them, the girl would have probably died. It’s a good thing you thought of them.”

“I want to go back to the UN. Surely, they’ll see that I can’t operate without my own men. It costs too much.” Near turned, looking at EMTs who were staring at him. “Rester?”

“Yeah, fine. We’ll go. But it’ll all be the same. They’ll deny the request.”

“Maybe. But we have to try. It’s the only way to win this game.” Near, fascinated by a single marble in his hand blinked. “I’m too bored as it is.”

Death Note

How To Use It


Gods of death living in the human world that have passed on their Death Note shouldn't be lazy, as they are required to see the death of the human, but it is not that they are not allowed to sleep.

Ryuk emerged into the human world. And he was greeted by a blinding sun, piercing through the cloudless sky. Squinting, the shinigami looked around. Below him was a town, humble in nature. Ryuk descended to the ground, noting the warm weather.

"Ah, this is better. No more cold, no more gambling and, best of all, plenty of apples!” Ryuk walked up to a nearby apple tree and carefully plucked one out. He took a bite. And another. And then another. “Oh… it’s so good. So juicy sweet.”

Looking around for peepers, and finding none, Ryuk took several more apples. Finally satisfied, he took back to the air.

“Now I’ve just got to find some fun. Hmmm…” Ryuk continued to fly over the town, and into another as he looked for possible amusement. “Too bad Light had to die. I really thought he would’ve had a plan for a couple more years… maybe I can find another like him.”

“We’re here, Near,” Rester said.

It was still raining. But, the two got out of the ambulance, and moved into a building. Just the two. Rester quickly opened the front door, and hurried in. It was quiet, cold; as if abandoned. But this place was the once grand operating room of the SPK. But not anymore. It was just too much of a burden, and after Kira was caught and killed, the leaders of nations no longer saw it as a necessary expense. The SPK was defunded. </span>

But its operations didn’t stop there. There was enough money left for Near to work on at least a few more cases. But now the funding had gone dry, and the two SPK survivors were reduced to helping in whatever local cases were available, with little chance of selection. </span>

It didn’t help that C-Kira was the most recent Kira to surface. If not for him, perhaps the funders would see pursuing the Kira cases as meaningful. But the Kira’s weren’t meaningful anymore. Indeed, not a single one had put up any kind of challenge, apart from Light Yagami. And his death didn’t bode over well, either. </span>

Kira had one thing, even in death, that Near could never have. The people. Somehow, his perverse sense of justice had struck a chord with the most of the people around the world. Of course, the world governments were staunchly opposed to Kira, but their power was now dwindling. Anarchy was close. </span>

Several pundits and news analysts (note: mostly in America) had even suggested that L reveal himself to the public, that perhaps a “sacrifice” of the greatest detective in the world could satisfy the crowds. Near wouldn’t play that game though. The real L only revealed himself to a select few, and only because of the seriousness of the Kira case. Near had to think like L, to be like L. And L would never give himself up.

Ryuk had reached another town. This one was much bigger. For starters it had paved roads. And buildings. Lots of buildings. He looked down upon the people below, like ants marching about. Surely one of them could offer up some fun. Ryuk took out the Guuku’s death note, and held it over the crowds. No. He couldn’t drop it here. It would make a scene. Books don’t just drop from nowhere in the human world, after all. No, he would have to be more stealthy about his placement of it. He would have to find someone specifically.

"How did Light find it? He was at school! So, I’ll go to school, and find someone there,” Ryuk laughed.

(author’s note: this is Near speaking, but it is still following Ryuk)

"It’s just so boring without Kira. There’s no one in the world who can put up a challenge, no one who is worth my time. I need to have a good case. One that I actually have to think, to try.”

"Right now, I need a case. It’s like a hunger inside…"

Ryuk had come upon a local school. He crept up to one of the classroom windows, and noticed an apple tree growing next to him. His eyes widen as he reached forward for an apple.

(note: both Near and Ryuk speaking) "…like a craving.”


Death note

How to use it


One god of death is allowed to pass on Death Notes to only 3 humans at a time.


“Mitsue Kichida?”


“Haruki Kiryu?”


“Riku Sato…”

Ryuk heard the voices coming from inside the school building. But they were too muffled. He’d have to go inside, actually see the human who he would pick. When he had dropped the previous death note, it had landed in an area similar to this. Ryuk was lucky that time. This time, he’ll be sure first. The humans inside could not be adults, no they were no older than Light was, when finding the note. Good. Ryuk straightened up, and walked around to the front of the building. He noticed a huge banner posted over the entrance:




Ryuk grinned. It was just so perfect. He walked inside, and following the colorful artwork, it wasn’t hard to find the classroom. Not constrained by earthly limitations, the shinigami simply walked through the wall inside, and sat down in an empty desk in the back. The class had just begun.

“As all of you can see class, I’ve put up several names on the board. I want someone to tell me the significance of each of them.” The man speaking was obviously the teacher. He looked around, as no one raised their hands. “No one? Has no one followed the Kira case?”

A student in the front raised his hand. “Sir, we were all children when the Kira case took place. I don’t think any of us can remember it.”

“Ah. Well then, I’ll give us all a brief history of these characters,” The teacher said. He was surprisingly nonchalant. “This class will explore all of the Kiras, their motives and histories, no matter how feeble they may seem, when compared to True Kira. First, Kyosuke Higuchi. I doubt any of you would remember him. He was one of the Kiras. One of the lesser Kiras. We know quite a bit about this man, and his actions as Kira. This may be because he was not personally connected to True Kira.”

As the teacher continued his speech, Ryuk noticed that only one student was not paying attention. Curious. The teacher also seemed to notice.

The teacher returned to the front of the class. Ryuk was still staring at Haruki. Something about him was familiar, as if on the edge of memory. Ryuk looked at the others, as they discussed Light. But they didn’t know his name, or even the details of his death. No, only Ryuk knew the truth. Maybe he should have been the teacher. The shinigami smiled again. This was just too fun.

“He probably didn’t want to get caught.”

“Yeah, but he killed that one guy, right in front of everyone! That seems pretty bold to me.”

The teacher sat on the edge of his desk listening to the discussion. He looked over at Haruki, who was staring back at him. “So, Haruki, now that you know all about what I am going to teach, tell me… why do you think True Kira never intended on contacting the world about his noble purpose?”

Haruki began again in his calm, unblinking manner, “I don’t think he intended to be found out. Not at first, at least. It was personal to him.”

Another student turned to Haruki, “Yeah, but he killed everyone the same way. I mean a guy as smart as that should’ve known that the cops would see a pattern, eventually…”

Without pause, Haruki continued, “We don’t know how Kira killed his victims, but I think even he didn’t know how to use it at first. And it’s possible that heart attacks are the only way to kill people with whatever he used. “

“Haruki Kiryu, is it? You look bored. Do you have problem with my class?”, asked the teacher.

“Well… sir… I don’t really see a point to this class. Shouldn’t we be spending our time in classes that will actually benefit us?”, Haruki questioned. He was calm, but there was a fire in his eyes. Ryuk saw it; he laughed in anticipation.

“The syllabus clearly states the goals of this class, Haruki. I suggest you read over that agin. Until then, the rest of us will discuss True Kira, and his origins.”

The teacher stood up, in high curiosity. “Perhaps, subconsciously, our Kira wanted the world to know about his presence? So then, why didn’t he immediately use the televisions to contact us?

Haruki sighed. He obviously wanted to leave. But instead, he continued on, “I know if I had Kira’s power, I’d want the world to know, but it would be too risky that. It‘s actually quite smart the way he revealed himself.”

Ryuk was right. School was the best place for him to have gone. This kid, Haruki Kiryu acted so much like Light. His calm arrogance would be perfect for ruling the world. Now, if only he had a book. Ryuk laughed. That was no problem.

At the end of the day, Ryuk was even more convinced. Haruki was smart, and he would quickly learn how to play the game. He understood Kira, much more than any of his peers. Ryuk just had to make sure that it was the kid that got the book, and no one else. Haruki had stayed after school for soccer practice. But now, he was walking home. Alone. Even though the road ahead was deserted, Ryuk couldn’t chance it out here. Haruki might scream, or even run away. That would cause an unnecessary scene. No, Ryuk would have to give him the book in private.

The two returned home. The sun was setting fast. Ryuk only hoped that his pick wouldn’t spend too much time with his family.

“Haruki, you’re late!” A woman, came around a corner to greet Haruki and Ryuk, as they stepped through the front door.

“Oh, hi mother. Sorry I’m late. Soccer practice went long today.”

“It’s no matter, Haruki, but we started eating already. Your plate is in the kitchen.”

“Okay, I’ll be down in a minute.”

Haruki walked passed his mother and to the stairs. Good, Ryuk would need to know which room was his. Haruki’s room was more or less as Ryuk imagined. Neat, organized, but minimalist. He could probably place the book anywhere, and the human would find it. But the bed would do. Ryuk placed the small black book right on the pillow, the words “DEATH NOTE”, reflecting off the light shining through the window. He couldn’t miss it.

Ryuk waited, waited for the moment that Haruki would walk in, see the notebook, and become Kira. He waited. But no one came in. He must have gone to dinner. It was no matter, Ryuk was craving an apple himself, so he could wait. The shinigami flew off, without thinking of the book, simply leaving it in place.

Several hours of frivolity passed before Ryuk returned “home”, a fresh apple still in hand. He checked Haruki’s room, but the book was untouched. What was the deal with this kid? Didn’t he ever go in his room? Ryuk, becoming annoyed descended to the lower level of the house. Sure enough Haruki was playing cards with his father and sister. Damn it all. But where was the mother? Ryuk took a bite of his apple, and looked up, savoring the taste. It was jus then when he heard the creak. Someone was in Haruki’s room. And it wasn’t him.

Death Note

How to use it


It is possible for a single god of death to hand out up to 6 death notes, for example, by handing 3 humans 2 death notes each.


Panicked, Ryuk shot back up into the room. Haruki’s mother was inside, clearing the waste basket. She hadn’t yet seen the book, but Ryuk didn’t have long. Taking one more bite of his apple, Ryuk flew up to the book. He could pick up, and return it later. She’d never know.

Ryuk grabbed the book, but it was too late. The mother had turned, just in time to see it, laying on the pillow.

“What’s this? Death Note?”, Haruki’s mother crept forward, looking suspicious.

“Shit.” Ryuk, having no choice, threw his apple, causing it to hit the door. The woman turned sharply, and Ryuk picked up the book, causing it to disappear again.

Shaking her head, Haruki’s mother turned her focus to the apple on the ground. “Haruki should know he’s not allowed to eat in his room. Unbelievable.”

That was too close. Ryuk let out a huge sigh. Haruki’s mother turned her head, as if hearing something.

“Oh, come on. You can’t hear me, woman.” Gathering herself up, the woman left the room. Ryuk watching, said, “It better not be like this every day. I don’t know if I can handle sacrificing an apple again.”

“Hey, Near. You’ve got a letter.”

Near paused, looking up. No one knew he was here, no one knew he was Near. After all, he was L. Therefore, it had been a while since he’d gotten a letter. Cautiously, he asked, “Has it been screened?”

Commander Rester stepped forward, arm outstretched, letter in hand. “I did it, myself.”

Near took the letter. Surely enough, the letter said “To Near”, and with no return address. It figured. “You know I trust you, Rester. Anyone else, I wouldn’t have even considered opening this for.” Swiftly, he tore open the letter. Inside was a small piece of paper. On it was scribbled, in elegant handwriting, a note:

“To Near. I will spare you the formalities. As you and I both know, the world has long been enamored with the thought of a Kira figure. It was such a pity that their hero had to be killed. And by you, of all people. Tragic, I know. As you also must be aware of, the world is also calling for L, their scapegoat, to reveal himself. And I must partake in their witch hunt. You have until 7 o’clock tomorrow to reveal yourself, lest I... well I won‘t spoil the surprise. See you then.”

With Much Admiration,

- C

“What was in the letter, Near?” Rester asked.

Near crumpled up the paper, and threw it aside. The threat didn’t concern him. Not much did. But who was this “C” character? One of the students of Wammy House? No, impossible. Near had tabs on every one of them. None would know about him. And none went by the moniker “C”. This was somebody else entirely. “Nothing. Nothing to worry about.”

C. Both A and B were supposed to be L’s original choices for replacements. But they were both dead. There was never any mention of a C character. Surely, if there was, he would have stepped forward to replace L? It didn’t make sense. Perhaps as intended…

Near stood up. Now was not the time for speculation. He had no doubt C had something planned for tomorrow. Whatever it is, it would show how much of a threat he is. Near could wait until then. But, beyond that, Near still had the meeting with the LCCP, the League of Contries for the Common Protection. They were his only hope. Because they were the ones that could refund him. And that’s all that mattered right now.


Death Note

How to use it


The god of death will not die from lack of sleep. Moreover, gods of death do not really need sleep. The meaning of sleep for gods of death is essentially different from humans and is merely laziness.

Ryuk woke, suddenly. He had fallen asleep, last night, waiting for Haruki to come back up to his room. Yawning, Ryuk rolled over, to look around. Sure enough it was morning. And sure enough, Haruki was already gone. There was no doubt in Ryuk’s mind, though, that this was the right human to become Kira. Because, honestly, if he could evade a god of death like this, then the police would be no trouble. It would be lots of fun.

He got up and went downstairs. Luckily no one was home. But it would be too much of a risk to leave the death note in the house. He might be able to sneak it to Haruki somewhere at school. At home was too risky. Ryuk knew the kid would be able to hide his shock in public, if finding it. And he would never reveal it to anybody.

Ryuk flew to the school he was at the day before. It was much the same. He checked the room for “Kira Studies” that Haruki was in yesterday, but it was too early in the day. He wasn’t there yet. Ryuk wandered through the walls into each room, and finally in a Calculus class he found Haruki.

The boy was sitting in the front row, but all the way on the left. It would be a risky venture, but it had to be done. Ryuk walked right up him, and carefully placed the book in Haruki’s book bag. Haruki, who was in the middle of answering a math question, noticed it, and ticked his head, but continued speaking. When he was done, he looked down into his bag, and saw a small black book sitting on top. Haruki turned his head, and surveyed the class, obviously thinking one of them put it in there. When no one gave him any clue, he turned back around and picked up the book. Little did he know then, but at that moment, Haruki Kiryu had become Kira.

Haruki opened the book. On the inside cover, was written, in English, a list of rules. Though he was Japanese, Haruki could speak and read English, albeit with difficulty. The first said, “The human whose name is written in this note shall die.” He continued skimming through, until finding another noteworthy rule: “If the cause of death is written within 40 seconds of writing the person’s name, it will happen. If the cause of death is not specified, the person will simply die of a heart attack.”

Heart attack. Die of a heart attack. That’s how Kira killed his victims. Suddenly it all became clear. How Kira operated, why he did what he did. Haruki smiled, nervously. If what was written in this note was true, then that means he would now be Kira. If only he could test it soon…

But how did it come to him? How did fate decide it should be he that was graced with this gift? Haruki looked back up at the front of the class, at the others who were so unaware of what just occurred. Standing in front of him was a hideous beast. Ryuk, standing there staring, and laughing.

“Hey there. My names Ryuk. I’m a shinigami.”

Haruki stared back at him, and let in a sharp gasp.

The teacher, in the middle of writing out a problem on the chalk board, suddenly stopped. He turned to face Haruki.

“Yes, Haruki? Do have something you wish to share?”, she asked.

Still staring at Ryuk, Haruki responded, “Oh… I-I just figured out how to do…. uh #7. Sorry.”

“Then, Mr. Haruki, why don’t you come up and show us.”

“Of course, ma’am.”

Ryuk watched him. He was impressed. It’s not often that a human gets to see a shinigami, and especially considering Haruki was surprised by one in public. Yes, he would work out to be a good project.

The rest of the day remained uneventful, with Haruki not so much as looking at Ryuk again. On his walk home, the two were finally alone. Haruki wasted no time in using that to his advantage.

“You’re a shinigami. A god of death? Is this your notebook?”, he asked, holding up the death note to Ryuk’s face.

“That’s one of mine, yeah.”

“So if you have multiple death notes… have you done this before? Were you the one who gave Kira his death note?”

Ryuk laughed, a rather common reaction from him, “Kira? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Haruki stopped walking. “I want to test it. The death note. I want to be sure that it works.”

"Oh, heh heh heh. I like your style. But who will you kill?” Ryuk flew around Haruki, to the other side, to stare him in the face.

“Someone bad. Someone who deserves it. I want to be like the real Kira. I want to continue his mission.” Haruki looked up to the sky. “Let’s go find somebody.”

It was 7 o’clock, exactly. Near was anxious. He wanted to see what C would do. Maybe C could end up being his great chase, his white whale. One can hope.

“Commander, is there anything yet?”, Near asked. He was pacing now.

“Nothing yet, Near. It could take me a while to find it, though. I’m only one man, after all.”

Near picked up one of his toys, an action figure. Staring at it, he continued, “That shouldn’t be a problem much longer. The LCCP will refund us.”

“You so sure, Near. What’s different from last time?”

“Whatever C plans on doing. It will help us make our case.”

“Near… come here. I’ve found what he did. Quickly”

Near, dropping his toys rushed over to Rester’s side. He turned the computer to a news station, national USA. On it were flashing words, “BREAKING NEWS”. Suddenly, a female news anchor appeared before the screen,

“Good evening America. We have breaking news coming in. It appears documents related to the Kira case, which we all know ended nine years ago, have been leaked. Among the eighty-nine page report, are crucial facts kept secret up until now. Within the pages, we can confirm that Kira’s death was the responsibility of the elusive detective, “L” and his force, the SPK. Already pundits are calling for L to reveal himself and turn himself in. Several independent organizations have even put bounties on his life. Whether L is aware of this is uncertain.

The identity of Kira has been removed from the documents. However, several portions of the documents have referenced a figure who was inside the SPK’s circle of trust being a worker for Kira. Whether or not this figure was actually Kira himself is unknown at this time.

Both the SPK and LCCP have yet to release any statements, but we will report on when they do.”

Rester turned off the channel. He sighed, and turned to Near, expecting him to be upset. But in Near’s eyes was something Rester hadn’t seen for a while. For over nine years. In Near’s eyes was an eagerness, an eagerness for the thrill of the hunt.

Near stepped back. “Change of plans, Commander. Let’s go to the LCCP tonight.”

Death Note

How to read


It is useless trying to erase names written in the death note with erasers or white-out.


“His name is Shizo Hayashi. Three years ago, he killed his brother. It was ruled an accident, and he got off free. Only, he wasn’t innocent. Evidence came out later that he was clearly guilty. But it was too late, no one could find him. But I know where he is. He moved in two blocks down from my house. He usually spends his days in the park. I think he’s trying to work up the courage to do it again.”, said Haruki, as he continued walking.

It didn’t take long for the two of them to reach the park. As Haruki said, Shizo was there, sitting on a far bench, disheveled, scraggly, but very much alive. But those kinds of things can always be remedied. Haruki looked at him, and sat down. He quickly took out the death note from his bag, and opened it. The pages were fresh, and unwritten on. He took his pen to the paper, and wrote the man’s name. He closed the book, and put it away, in a very impatient manner. He raised his watch. 40 seconds and it would all be over. It will all begin.

At 27 seconds, Shizo got up, and began walking away. By 40 seconds, he was still walking. Haruki’s lip was now trembling, not in fright, but in anticipation. And then the man stopped, and raised his head. With a sudden scream, he grabbed the left side of his chest. He fell to the ground, still screaming and spitting. It was good no one else was around, because his death would have surely caused a scene. Haruki got up, turned around, and walked away, a small smile on his face. Ryuk was laughing again.

Haruki let out a sigh of relief, while talking, “It’s real. The death note is real. This has to be what Kira used. What he had as his instrument for the great transformation. Did you know him, Ryuk? Kira?”

“I don’t talk about past clients, Haruki. Heh heh heh.” Ryuk cackled, sarcastically.

“Fine, don’t tell me. But I know what you did with me wasn’t your first time. You’ve definitely had experience with this kind of thing.”, laughed Haruki. He was in surprisingly good spirits after his first kill. “But you chose the right person for this. I’ll finish what the original Kira started. And nobody will be able to stop me. Nobody.”

“Yeah, whatever. I don’t care.” Ryuk said, grabbing an apple from a nearby tree.

The two returned home. Haruki’s family was so caught up in the breaking news of the leaking of the Kira documents, that they didn’t even notice his tardiness.

“Haruki! Look! There’s stuff about Kira on the news!” Haruki’s sister, Masumi came to running up to him, from the other room.

Haruki stepped back. It was impossible. He had only killed one person. How could they already be reporting Hayashi’s death? And even more, how could they have linked it to a new Kira… it just didn’t make sense.”

Haruki gulped, “A new Kira? How can they be so sure?”

His sister smiled, “No silly, the old one. They’re talking about him on the news.”

Mouth agape, Haruki entered the living room. Sure enough, there was news about the entire Kira case being leaked. Naturally, the news reporters could give all the details of it, but Haruki could still get his own copy online.

As Haruki entered, his mother looked up at him, “Haruki dear, your dinner is in the-”

“Oh, okay. I’ll have it later… I’m not hungry right now. I’m just going to go to my room.” Haruki said, slowly.

“Oh… dear, are you feeling sick.” his mother asked, worried.

“No, no… just tired”, said Haruki, even more distantly.

Haruki rushed upstairs. This was just too good. Luck must have been shining on him today. First he becomes Kira, and now… now he can see exactly what happened. To know exactly what happened to the last Kira, what made him fail, that would only help Haruki in his own quest.

The entire document took three minutes to find. And once it was printed, Haruki immediately began pouring over it. Several things jumped out at him immediately. First, the SPK, the Special Provision for Kira, was responsible for Kira’s death. And their leader, L, the famed detective, was the one who caught Kira. L was still alive, and the SPK was still active, so that would pose a problem, going forward. The real name of Kira was surprisingly kept out of the report.

The only reason that would occur, is if Kira was a member of the SPK, or of the local Japanese police. Looking back through, Haruki found the complete list of people killed on the SPK and Japanese force. The SPK list was large, it had to have been most of the members. But none of them were right. Haruki remembered that earlier in the report L used a dummy figure to pin Kira to Japan. So he had to be a dead member of the police force. Hirokazu Ukita, Soichiro Yagami, Light Yagami. Haruki paused. Light Yagami. A young promising man, killed at the end of the Kira investigation. Top of his class, every year, Light was an absolutely brilliant man. He was even held by L for a period of time, as a suspect.

Haruki looked up. “Ryuk… have you ever heard of a man named Light Yagami?”

Ryuk, eating an apple, stopped mid-bite. “Light Yagami? Never heard of him… heh heh heh.”

Haruki turned back to the Kira case. Ryuk’s face had betrayed him. He had most certainly heard of Light. Light had to have been Kira. So what made him fail? Why, and how was he caught? That wasn’t clear.

But what was clear was that Haruki needed to begin his mission now. The people loved Kira, and if he were to return, they would still love him. That was a big advantage that Light didn’t have in his time. He looked over the document again. There was an organization in there, somewhere, that had begun the Kira investigation. Haruki tore through the pages, for several mintues looking, and looking. Finally, he found it. The LCCP. Rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it. Yes, this would be where he would reveal himself. To the world, from the LCCP. Unlike Light, Haruki did not plan on staying secret. He needed the attention. He craved it.

The group was having an important meeting two days from now. If luck would hold, Haruki could have everything set up by then. But there was no time to waste.

Haruki turned back to Ryuk. “Can I make people do things with this death note? Like anything?”

Ryuk’s eyes widened, “See what happens. Just write what you want in the book.”

A broad smile came to Haruki’s face. “Tomorrow then. Well go test this stuff out. And if it works, well you know what that means. Kira’s rebirth will have begun.”


Death Note

How to read


The specific scope of the condition for death is not known to the gods of death, either. So, you must examine and find out.

“Mornin’, Price.”

He didn’t respond. He didn’t even acknowledge the man. Because Price had more important things to do. But what they were… that wasn’t clear yet. He continued walking down the corridor. It was 11 A.M. and all was quiet. Besides the man earlier, Price hadn’t seen a single person since he arrived. It was almost too convenient.

Price rounded into another corridor, this one with a collection of doors on either side. Yet again, he was alone. Good. Well, not really. Price was completely unaware of which door was his. Not knowing what to do, he continued walking.

And then it hit him. Upon reaching the fifth door on the left, Price stopped. The door looked no different from the others, there was no sign of uniqueness. But he knew it was his. He knew this was where he had to go.

Confidently, Price opened the door. Inside was dark. He fumbled for the light switch, tripping over some unseen cables. Cursing, relentlessly, Price got back up. He clicked the switch and swiftly, light engulfed the room. Perfect.

He moved forward, looking around. For inspiration. But there was nothing. Nothing that he was familiar with. Price had never worked with computers. He was old school, preferring to do everything with his hands. These devices… they were just beyond him. He came up upon a particular monitor, and suddenly stopped again. He was hit with the same feeling as before; a powerful resurgence of memory.

Suddenly, he knew what to do. Price moved around back of the computer, and looked at the cords. Two green, one yellow, and ten thousand black. But he knew which one was needed. With fanatical precision, he weeded his way through the sea of cords, carefully plucking out a black one. The right one.

All he had left to do was unplug it. That would end everything. That would make everything right. He smiled. It had been a while since Price had been so sure of something. The feeling was good.

He grasped the cord more tightly, fingering up to the plug in area. As he prepared to rip it out, Price stopped. Something was wrong. He looked down, at his hands. They were tingling. Out of nowhere, like getting hit by a train, Price shot backwards. He let out a scream, as he grasped his chest. No. Not now. Not yet.

Price, screaming again, rolled over. He began crawling up to the computer again. The pains had subsided. If only he could finish his task. That would make everything better. The pains came back, sharply, and Price stopped, breathless. It was too much, too much pain. He began seeing spots, the light ahead fading. But he could still make it.

Price reached back to his previous spot. In a frantic scramble, he reached out for the conglomeration ahead. He could still make it.

The pains in his chest intensified. Price let out one final scream, this one deafening. He fell over, hitting the ground hard. As his head hit the ground, eyes wide, mouth agape, his hand finally landed on the cord. If only he had had more time. If only.

11:15 A.M. No, that wasn’t right. It should’ve happened by now. God damnit.

London was a wonderful place. And especially during this time of year. Sure, it rained almost constantly, but Haruki liked that. He liked the clensing power it brought. Nobody else seemed to share his opinion though. Haruki chuckled. He was in good spirits, being on vaction. Well, officially, it was a class trip. A very expensive and exclusive class trip. But that’s the price you pay for genius. And speaking of Price…

His good spirits subsided. He was in trouble. Haruki made sure he was out of earshot. Of course, that was easier, with the pounding of the weather from outside. He could chance it now, “Ryuk. I thought you said my… device, it was always on time. I wrote his name for 11:15. It’s 11:20. Why didn’t anything happen?”

“Heh heh, Haruki. It wasn’t the note that failed.” Ryuk said, with a grin.

Haruki enjoyed Ryuk’s presence. He was like an imaginary friend, only real. But sometimes, his vagueness was annoying as hell. Haruki must have misjudged something, or broken a rule. But he couldn’t check it now. There was no way, in public, that he could bring out his notebook. At the hotel, maybe, but his fellow students would still pose a problem. If Ryuk could just answer his questions, this could all go much more smoothly.

“Come on, Ryuk. You know I can’t check it right now. Just tell me what I did wrong,” said Haruki, growing more impatient by the moment.

Ryuk didn’t answer. He seldom did, in any substantial manner. Ryuk remained, perched, on the edge of the building to the right, his arms outstretched in a vain attempt to feel the rain.

Sure, the London trip was supposed to help him gain knowledge for his Loretic and Historic studies, but the true reason he came here was to test his note. And if someone did start connecting his murders here to a Kira, Haruki would be safe. Because he was Japanese, and no one would ever trace a few uncanny deaths back to Japan.

It didn’t help that he hadn’t killed anyone since Hayashi. He was inexperienced with it. While testing it here, if anything was to go wrong, he could work damage control from a better vantage point than at home. If Ryuk could help him. In retrospect, that was a big if.

The rest of the day was painful. Haruki was an impatient person, and wandering the various museums and historical sites was just a waste of time. It was late when the group got back to the hotel. Haruki immediately checked his suitcase. Undisturbed. Eying his peers, Haruki casually slipped out the Death Note.

While it was already a huge risk bringing it with him, Haruki had decided that he couldn’t have the words “Death Note” on the front of his book. So he replaced the cover with something more appropriate. Doyle was a classic, after all.

Opening the book, Haruki thumbed through the rules. What could it have been?

Out of the side of his mouth, Haruki whispered, “Ryuk. What am I looking for? Come on, we can‘t have fun if I don‘t know what went wrong… can’t you tell me? I‘ll give you an apple.”

Ryuk sighed. “Twenty-six. And I‘ll be expecting that apple by tomorrow, heh.”

Twenty-six. Of course. It makes sense, considering what he had the man doing. But he still died. So it wasn’t a total loss. Haruki looked up from his studies. Several students were talking with their chaperone, Haruki’s history teacher. They seemed distressed.

The teacher and Haruki’s eyes locked. He motioned for Haruki to come over. There was always something, with this group.

Haruki got up, and walked forward, leaned up against the wall, and listened.

"Alright, listen up guys. I’m sorry, but it looks like we won’t be able to go to the Hallows tomorrow. Our guide… well he met up with an unfortunate accident.”

Haruki raised his chin. A day off would do him wonders, right now. “What happened to him, sir?”

The teacher looked around for a few seconds before answering. As if unwilling. “Our guide, Edmund Price died suddenly of a heart attack. They found him, only this morning.”

There was no way. No fucking way that that man was the same he targeted. Was this done on purpose? Did Ryuk have something to do with this? He looked over at the shinigami, who was busy staring off in the distance. Ryuk should have known that what he did was dangerous. Hell, it could get Haruki killed, or worse, caught. If anyone connected Price’s death to Kira, even later, surely Haruki could be linked to him. It was an absolute mess.

Haruki bowed his head, to feign sadness, to hide anger. As the others continued discussing, his thoughts turned back to his experiment. Edmund Price wasn’t connected to the Hallows at all. Regardless, though, it didn’t make sense why the experiment failed. All he was going to do was turn off the generator; in effect blacking out the area Haruki would’ve been at, at 11:15. So he would know it worked. So he would be sure. But it didn’t work. And if rule twenty-six was any indication, someone else’s life would have been in jeopardy if it went through.

Haruki had one thing to be thankful for, though. At least he had gained experience from this venture. If such things were to happen during the LCCP’s meeting tomorrow, then he would have been humiliated. He just had to make sure that then, when revealing himself, the people he controlled would not influence anyone else. It would require a lot of preparation.

Haruki returned to his bed, and looked out the window. At least it was still raining. But it wouldn’t be forever.

Death Note

How to read


Even though only one name is written in the death note, if it influences and causes other humans that are not written in it to die, the victim’s cause of death will be a heart attack.

Haruki woke up early. It was a good thing nobody else did. Trying not to make any noise, he silently got up, and went outside. He needed to find a newspaper, to see if any mention was made. While he had given the tape to be brocasted, to a national British network, he had wondered if they would reject his authority, and prematurely reveal him. Of course, that would cost them their lives, but sometimes people are unpredictable.

After walking for a few moments, he came up upon a park. By now, there should be newspapers, strewn about, already read, already abandoned. It took about five seconds to find one. Haruki scanned the front page, for news of him would be on no other page. Luckily, it wasn’t about him. The news group must have taken him seriously. That was good. Edmund Price was one of the people who was to die, to confirn his identity to the company. They surely saw it.

But he would need two more people. These would also have to die of heart attacks, to keep consistent. Haruki took a small paper out of his pocket. On it, he had jotted down several names, of criminals he could kill. Beside each name was a small picture.

Haruki had to keep those pictures in his mind as he wrote their names, lest they don’t die. And he did. Closing his book, Haruki got back up, and returned to the hotel. He still had to figure a way to kill the others, with no interference of twenty-six. He checked his watch again. The LCCP meeting was at 10:00 P.M. He had to be ready by then.

And at least Price was dead. So the group would be grounded for the rest of the day. There was still time.

Near didn’t enjoy flying. Of course, he had a private jet. Just him, Rester, and the pilots. But still, he wasn’t in complete control. And that bothered him. But the LCCP was meeting in Britain this time. Of course, the exact location was secret, but he knew where it was.

Ever since he was “defunded”, the LCCP had distanced itself from Near. They never even sent message of when its meetings would occur. It was almost as if they didn’t want him to come back.

But Near was the smartest person alive. He knew where they would be. The schedule never changed. The group always met in the same places, in a specific order. He was sure this year’s meeting place was Britain. It had to be.

The plane ride went without incident. Near, and Rester landed in London early in the afternoon. They still had a few hours, to sightsee. Near hated this part. But it would make him look normal, unsuspicious. Because the last thing he needed right now was unnecessary attention.

Near and Rester walked to their transport; a limousine. So much for blending in. Rester opened the door for Near, and both entered the limo. It drove off at once.

“Commander, where are we going?” Near asked.

Rester, who was reading a newspaper, looked up at Near. “Oh, I thought All Hallows. You know, that famous church. I have someone there I want you to meet.”

Near, focused on playing with his rubix cube, continued, “Who is he? Another contact?”

“Yeah, but this time… I think…” Rester, midsentence, stopped. He lowered his newspaper. “Near, take a look at this.”, he said.

Rester’s tone had taken a sharp turn, to seriousness. Near understood this immediately to be serious. He took the paper, and read through the headlines. Nothing out of the ordinary. A few strikes, protests, and even a political scandal. What a shock. But in the lower, left hand corner, was a small piece. This was what Rester had read.

It had to do with All Hallows. The place they were headed to. Apparently, just this morning, a man died, suddenly, of a heart attack. Suddenly, the piece had Near’s full attention. He read on. Even better, the man had a criminal past. Nothing proven of course, but he was brought to trial for the rape and murders of three women. Near was not familiar with the case, but if this was what he thought it was, the man was clearly guilty. He went back to the location of the murder. All Hallows. Was it a sign?

Without any change in tone, Near handed back Rester the paper. “And? Do you find it weird, since we are heading there, right now?”

Reter smiled, turning to Near, “No. Listen, Near. I know you thought the same thing I did, when reading that article. I’m simply asking if it’s a possibility.”

“People die all the time, Commander. If this is the beginning, a trend will surface. That’s what we would have to look for.” Near said.

He turned to look out the window. It was raining, of course. How could people live in this? How could they tolerate it? It didn’t make sense to Near.

The rest of the ride continued in silence, both figures mulling over the possibilities of what could be, in the church. Upon arriving, a well dressed man was waiting for them, outside. In the rain. It must be Rester’s contact.

Near and Rester exited the limo, and walked up to the man. He put out his hand for Near, who simply nodded.

The man pulled his arm back and smiled, “Hello. You must be… well, I know I can’t say out here. In any case, I can’t say who I am either. But Rester knows me as ‘Hallow‘, so I guess you can call me that.”

Near nodded again, as Rester and Hallow greeted each other. In all honesty, he didn’t care who this person was right now. He just wanted to watch the news. For evidence of a pattern. But he had to play along. And for the next few hours, he was treated to the history of the church, of the entire area. There was no mention of the death. No mention of his connection to the church.

By nighttime, Near and Rester returned to the limo. As a surprise, Hallow announced that he was coming with them. It was to be expected. Obviously, Rester’s business here had nothing to do with sightseeing. It seemed Hallow was more important than at first he appeared.

And he was. For when the three of them arrived at the building of the meeting place, Hallow got out, and spoke to the guard. His connections checked out, because he was able to get them all in. Once inside, the three moved unhindered up to the fifth floor. Only when trying to get into the discussion room, were they confronted. But Hallow had an answer for this as well. They were able to get in.

The booth they entered was secluded and dark. It was not in use. But the microphone was hooked up. That would have to do. Near walked right up to it, turned it on, and began talking. It was his time, to seize the day.

Haruki put the television on. It was 2 minutes until showtime. He had spent the better part of the day, indoors, working on exact wording for this victims; so that they might succeed in their tasks. Ryuk hovered down next to Haruki, obviously just as impatient.

“So, Haruki. You set it up for all of them? How’d you manage that? And what if one of them doesn‘t work?”

Haruki did not answer. He couldn’t. The room was filled with his fellow students and teachers, all “snowed in”. Because of Haruki. He smiled, finding that funny.

He looked down on his watch. 5 seconds to go. His heart started to race, but he stayed still. He had to remain poised, and just as oblivious as everyone else. It was the only way.

Suddenly the news program stopped, turning to a different place. Haruki gasped. It was now broadcasting from a camera in the very room of the League of Countries for the Common Protection. Everyone in the room went quiet. A man was talking, on screen, but he quickly fell silent as well, as another voice, garbled, and untraceable, began.

“Greetings members of the LCCP, and my fellow citizens of this world. I… am Kira.”


Death note

How to use it


When you write multiple names in the Death Note and then write down even one cause of death within 40 human seconds from writing the first victim’s name, the cause will take effect for all the written names.

Near entered the booth. Like all the others, this one was set up to allow a speaker his place. Near hadn’t been invited to the LCCP meeting, but nevertheless he was here. He had to ask. And it had to be him that asked, not Rester. As much as Near hated people, he agreed. It would already be hard enough convincing the council to refund him. It would have been even harder had he chosen another to speak in his place. No, it would have been impossible to convince them, then.

The room was dark, but it still had a working microphone. He could use that. Near stepped forward, and attached his portable voice garbler to the end of the microphone. He then turned the machine on. Above him, someone else was talking. It would be rude to interrupt, so Near waited until his opportunity came. Finally, he heard it.

“Ah yes. We did realloacte that, last Christmas, I think. But it could always use another look. Anyway, does anybody else have anything to say? Any more questions?” The voice, booming and authoritative, surely was coming from a member of the prime council. It was time.

Near took a deep breath, and then started, “I do.”

There was a silence, a pause. The council must have been taken aback by his sudden introduction.

“And who, pray tell, is that speaking?” asked the booming voice.

Near knew they knew who he was. It was just a game, a ploy to embarrass him. But he had to stay with his request, and only with that. Say anything else, and he may as well leave now.

“I am L. Along with the SPK, I am here to request addition funding to be allocated to my -”

The voice interrupted him, “Yes, L. We are aware of your funding problem. However, I assumed that we made it quite clear during our last meeting, which should have been our last meeting, that will the Kira threat gone, there would be no more need for your SPK.”

Near could easily take the money, if need be. He had the abilities. But he was here, requesting it, to show his humility. Or at least give that impression. Either way, though, he would leave here with the money he needed. “Sir, I am only asking, given the recent developments, that you consider the… the…”. Near stopped. The entire room was surrounded with a multitude of televisions, set up to show the current speaker. Of course, Near’s booth was blocked out. But now the televisions went to static. A voice began speaking, in a garbled voice, similar to Near’s.

“Greetings members of the LCCP, and my fellow citizens of this world. I… am Kira. Should you doubt this claim…”

The cameras, as instructed, suddenly moved to the entry way of the LCCP chambers. Down there, were eight people, standing still, standing silently. Suddenly, every one of them began to scream, as they were consumed by heart attacks. The voice above continued.

“I bring us into a better world. Those who would try and stop me, I will show no mercy. Those who wish to join me, I spread my arms in humble welcoming to all.”

Near stood in place, listening. There was no doubt in his mind that whoever was talking was in possession of a death note. And that wasn’t totally unheard of. But unlike Mikami, Amane, or even C-Kira, this one was smart. He was genuinely aware of things, that not even L-Kira was. The LCCP’s meeting place, and time for example.

The methods were also surprisingly complex, more so than a regular owner would be able to comprehend. Surely, he had used those eight people for a purpose. The cameras used to record the meetings could have been hijacked and rerouted. There could also be separate audio and visual devices placed within the room. It wasn’t safe for Near to stay, but he couldn’t leave yet. Nothing, nothing could move forward with Kira or C until Near had more men and money. And lo, his mic was still on.

“Council, continuing on with my request…”

Haruki watched it all. The reactions from everybody. Due to Kira’s “rebirth” the rest of the London trip had been cancelled. Haruki would be returning to Japan tomorrow. He sat back and sighed. The television was still on, with a reporter to soon begin speaking. He was curious to see what others thought of his revealing. Was it too short? Was it too haughty? Too reckless?

Haruki had spent several hours over the precise wording of his greetings. Now they would discuss it. It was like a school project, only he’d just killed eleven people to complete it. Ryuk floated down beside him, fidgeting.

“Hey Haruki. You promised me an apple.” Ryuk said, in hurried breaths.

Haruki smiled. Everyone up ahead, so focused on Kira, wouldn’t be able to hear him. He picked up his death note and pretended to read it. “I didn’t know you were so addicted.”

“Come on… let’s go out for a bit. I saw a nice apple tree two blocks down.” Ryuk floated around, halfway through the floor, to face Haruki. “Let’s go!”

Haruki stood up, placing the note in his pocket. He had negotiating power right now, and that was very good. He whispered to Ryuk, “We go on one condition. You have to answer any question I ask you. Honestly.”

Ryuk grinned as he flew toward the door, “Yeah, yeah.”

Outside was cold, but not wet. The two started off, walking down the road. Haruki remained silent until he found a tree, and tossed Ryuk an apple.

Haruki stopped walking, waiting for Ryuk to finish. He placed his hands in his pockets, shivering slightly, “Okay Ryuk. I held up my end. Now, I have something I have to ask you. I know that there’s a good chance that Light Yagami was the original Kira. But that doesn’t really matter right now. I’m more interested in L. I want you to tell me all about him.”

Ryuk stopped chewing his apple. He began laughing, hysterically. He went on for several more moments, with Haruki helpless to do anything but watch. Finally settling down, Ryuk answered, “L? He’s dead. Kira killed him."

Death Note

How to use it


If there are other death notes in the human world, the gods of death are not allowed to reveal to humans that death note’s owner or its location.

Haruki couldn’t believe it. No, it was impossible. In the report it said that L killed Kira, not the other way around. However, several other critical pieces were missing from that report, Haruki remembered. Most notably Kira’s identity. So, say Kira did kill L. Then who killed him? Maybe nobody. Could it have been mutual destruction?

“So they killed each other? Like at the very end?”

Ryuk turned very serious, “No.”

Haruki could see the shinigami didn’t want to talk about it. It figures his god of death would be the one with mental issues. Well, fuck. Haruki didn’t have time to play therapist with Ryuk. If L wasn’t the person who caught Kira, then who was it? Probably someone in the LCCP. But that place was airtight. It was hard enough to find out where it was meeting. Its members were even more secretive.But Haruki had shaken the beehive. If it was someone in there, Kira’s message should have been enough to prompt action. He just needed to make sure that he was not here when that began.

Haruki and Ryuk returned to the hotel. As was expected everyone was packing, getting ready to go in the morning. Haruki never packed very much, himself. He preferred to travel light. But when you have something to hide, such as a death note, that makes packing very little a risk. In this case, it hadn’t. He had been able to almost solely focus on his Kira advancements.

The killing of Edmund Price had led to more than Haruki had even bargained for. Sure, he was supposed to die in the Hallows. But Price’s death had also cancelled the trip to the church. And looking back, Haruki knew that was a lifesaver. He had had several more hours to work on the eight people who were to set everything up at the LCCP. Naturally, all eight of them were criminals. People nobody would miss. That didn’t mean their tasks were not important, though. No, each one was responsible for re-streaming the cameras to a different parts of the globe. And that was invaluable for Kira’s message. One of unity, one of happiness. That’s what Haruki wanted. A world, ruled by him, where the hurt and fears have been erased.

The ride out of the council chambers was much better than the ride in. Near never showed his emotions, and he rarely felt any. But inside the LCCP’s meeting, with all those people, most of whom looked down upon him, Near had almost showed his frustration. Were he a lesser man, he would have. He would also have remained without funding. But Near wasn’t that man. He was like L, not Mello. And as much as Mello was necessary for the catching of L-Kira, it was Near who had come out victorious then. It was almost all him. Could he now do it again, alone?

The council had reinstated Near’s funding. He was sure it was because of the fortuitous time in which he arrived. Surely, had he come an hour or so earlier, or even a few minutes later, the council would not have been so pressured into it. It wasn’t something they were comfortable with, but Near was all they had. All they had. Were it any other group, any other person, Near would have been worth his weight in gold.

Suddenly, the limousine jolted, bringing Near back out of his musings. The car sputtered to a stop. Rester shot up, in full concentration. He took out a small pistol and opened his door. He nodded to Hallow, “Stay with Near. If anything happens, you two get the hell out of here. Don’t wait for me.”

Hallow nodded, getting out his own pistol. Near remained motionless, except for his hands, which continued manipulating his toys.

Near had no fear, no doubt. It would not be Kira. No, that one would be less like Mikami, and more like Yagami. He would be patient, calculating. Like Near. The two would have to slowly reveal themselves to one another. Otherwise someone could get killed. And that would spoil everything.

Sure enough, after a few moments, Rester returned. No shots fired.

“Tire blew out. We’ve put the spare on, but it looks like we have other problems.”

Near and Hallow looked over to him. Hallow decided to answer, “With the plane?”

“Yeah, it was bugged. We’re not going to use it. Instead, we’re going to the airport, in the morning.”

Near, calmly playing with his toys, interrupted, “Commander. It would be more dangerous to take a normal flight, than to take a bugged one. I will not travel with so many unknowns.”

Rester put his pistol away, and sighed. “No, I know Near. That’s why I’ve arranged for another private jet. It’s the same pilots as before, but we have to take off from the airport. Don’t worry, I’ve arranged for a lot of security.”

Near picked up one of his toys, a figurine. He held it, gingerly, in front of his face, as if transfixed. But nonetheless, he continued, “Very well, commander. I will go. I do trust you to keep me safe.”

In the morning, Near, Rester, and Hallow arrived at the airport.

It was filled with people, so busy with their lives. Above, on ceiling screens, scenes from last night’s revelations were being played, with an almost loyal fanaticism.

Near didn’t care for that stuff, though. Speculation by the ungifted was almost dangerous, in it’s false implications. The people were clearly for Kira. They admired him. Last time, this didn’t come out until late in L-Kira’s run. Even then, it made for some sticky situations. Here, it was an early advantage to Kira.

Near and Rester continued down the main hall. Hallow peeled off, to watch from behind, lest anyone try and attack Near. If anyone knew he was L, well there was no telling what might happen. Even then, two men with guns might not be enough to stop the mob.

Near rounded a corner, and almost walked right into a group of Japanese students. Rester moved forward and cleared a way for Near. As he walked passed the students, Near locked eyes with one.

He was young. No older than a sophomore or junior. But his eyes, they were different from the others. He was aware of something, something more than the others. Near had seen this look before. Calm arrogance. Something that he hadn’t seen in a while. Sure, it wasn’t exactly rare, but it wasn’t common either. Light Yagami had that look in his eyes, and he was Kira. But so had Mello… and Mello hadn’t been Kira.

No, it was far too early. Far too coincidental. Near couldn’t just accuse every person he saw of being Kira. Even L, who was over 95% sure that Light was Kira didn’t move fast on that front. But did that really turn out to the best move from his mentor? Because of his unwillingness to look past his feelings, L had been killed. By Kira. By Light.

Near bumped into the student. In the scuffle, he plucked a single hair from the kid’s head. And after hastily apologizing, and retreating, Near was gone. For now.

If this “lead” ever panned out, he would have physical DNA to use. Of course, Kira never killed in person, but DNA is DNA. It always has it’s uses.

Near, almost out of eyesight, looked back at the potential Kira. Like Near, he was leaving London. But was he also fleeing?

Near never forgot faces. Never. So perhaps it was he that had the upper hand here. Perhaps it was he who should now play bold.


Death Note

How to use it


In occasions where the cause and situation of death is written before the victim’s name, multiple names can be written as long as they are written within 40 seconds and the causes and situations of the death are not impossible to occur.

“One hundred, exactly. All criminals, all at the same time,” Anthony Rester began.

Near was on his flight back to the United States. He had little to go on right now, Kira-wise. A country, even a continent was yet to be preferred. But it was early in the chase.

Near had been sitting in the same place since the plane had taken off. Thinking as usual. Any news of Kira, he would know immediately. He had to, with all the new gadgets the LCCP had given him. And now he had men, besides Rester.

“What countries?” Near asked, shifting his weight to face Rester.

Rester returned to the onboard computer. “It looks like several contries. US, Britain, Russia, France…”

What was Kira trying to say with this? The countries were scattered, so there was only a slight chance of the killer’s location being revealed. But, at the same time, Kira had only revealed himself yesterday. The purpose of this one could simply be a showing of strength, or a confirmation of existence.

He needed something more substantive to go on. L had tracked Light to Japan, by looking back on early kills. Criminal heart attacks that took place before the killing became mainstream. Near could try that.

Edmund Price was a man with a criminal past. And he just so happened to have died of a heart attack. That could be a starting point, or at least one of them.

Haruki was back in Japan. The vacation was nice; it was amazing to see London, and even more so to kill over a hundred people. Now, he just had to make sure he covered his tracks, and then he could begin his fight with L. The new one, anyway.

Haruki looked over at Ryuk, sitting behind him. Ryuk had said L was dead, but he hadn’t said who replaced him, or if anyone did. But surely they would send somebody after him? The LCCP wouldn’t just let Kira take over without a fight… or at least they shouldn’t.

Haruki had had the death note for a few days before he made his “appearance”. In that time, he had gone to great lengths to research and print out names and pictures of hundreds of criminals. Ones that he could use later, if things tightened up.

But for now, he could just find criminals on TV or on the internet. The hardest thing, though, was making them all spread out in different countries, to not give out his positions. That was his biggest weakness right now, but not something that could be prevented. If the SPK really wanted to find him, all they’d have to do would be to control the criminals’ introductions to the media.

Haruki had to test the note’s capabilities now. Early on in the game. Because any slip up later could cost him his life. So Haruki set up a schedule for deaths over the next week, to free himself up. Firstly, he had placed the names of several dozen criminals in the death note, with specific times. Tomorrow, they would all die on the hour. The next, one would die every thirty minutes. This would give Haruki more time to work on other things. Like the extent of control the death note gave.

What Haruki needed to know was how long he control a person’s actions before they died. If he could, that would mean he could plant people within the SPK, to do certain things. Of course they would have to die sometime, but even small distractions could end up making the difference, in the future.

Haruki would also have to be careful. If any of his theories didn’t work, the victim would die of a heart attack. And that would pose problems, making it much easier for Kira be traced back to him. Once again, he would need Ryuk’s help.

“Hey, Ryuk. Come here.”

Ryuk snapped back into reality, Haruki’s reality. “What is it, Ruki?”

“I need to know how much I can control a person before I kill them. I know if it’s not possible, they’ll just die with a heart attack. But I can’t let that happen, it would put a spotlight on this city. So, can I control them from the moment I write their name, till the second they die, no matter how long away that is?” Haruki asked.

Ryuk grinned, seeing what Haruki was trying out. “Hyuk hyuk hyuk. Yeah, you could probably do that. How long were you planning?”

Haruki stared back at Ryuk, “A few weeks.” He paused, contemplating what to say next, “… so what about other people? Can I control them too?”

Ryuk now seemed bored. “Huh? Whaddya mean?”

“Other people. Like people who I haven’t written down in the death note. Can I control them too?”

Ryuk’s grin came back, now realizing the full extent of Haruki’s plan. “Heh. You know, I’ve never tried that. But you can’t write their actual name down, or they’ll die.”

Haruki nodded, “Yeah. But if I say, like ‘The criminal takes a woman hostage. After a few moments, she breaks free’, would that work?”

A wide smile came to Ryuk’s face. Haruki’s plan was just up his alley. Just his style. It was going to be fun.


Feigning some social gathering for his parents, Haruki left. He got on a bus, and took it for several stops, until he was far enough away from his own house. Once out, Haruki would have to be careful until found the man. The one he had picked.

Ryuk was tailing him, with eagerness. Haruki had never seen the shinigami so excited.

The man Haruki was looking for was a cop. A dirty cop. The info about his “endeavors” was scarce, but putting it all together, led to a man who was more dangerous than most of the criminals he brought in.

And this policeman was on patrol nearby, in the center. It took about five minutes to find him.

The setting was perfect. People all around, no cameras. And best of all, the victim had a nametag.

Haruki sat down on a bench, in the shadows. He wrote the man’s name, but added a special piece to the end ‘… takes a woman hostage, gun to head. She breaks free and pistol is knocked away. A man nearby picks it up and shoots the policeman with it. After this, the man sets down the pistol and runs off. Everybody else does, as well.’

And so, it was done. The only thing left to do was to wait. Something that Haruki had a hard time getting used to. He wanted the results right away. And if Ryuk’s mood was any indication, the shinigami was no different.

At 6:30, exactly, the policeman stiffened. Haruki leaned forward. This was it. The man suddenly, and forcefully, grabbed a passerby, a woman. He began screaming, threatening her life in front of the panicked crowd. And then she broke free. The gun went flying… landing right at the feet of another unnamed person. A man this time. Without hesitation, he picked it up, and blew the policeman’s brains out.

Ryuk flew up to the dead man, now abandoned. “Hyuk hyuk. That was genious, Haruki. I didn’t even know we could do that.”

Haruki could use this. This experiment was perhaps the most important piece of the Death Note. Anybody could be controlled, even those who were not written into the note, so long as it was possible.

With that, Haruki returned home, much the wiser.

“Hello, honey.”

Haruki entered inside, looking around. His mother and sister were both home. “Oh, hi mom.”

His mother came around a corner, to face him. “Oh, Haruki. I thought you went out.”

“Yeah, I did, but…”, he sighed, pointing to the television, “Look what happened.”

The two walked into the living room, where Masumi was watching some pop show.

“Hey, Masumi could you put it on the news, please?”

Haruki’s sister looked up at him, from the couch, “Wha… Haurki? Why?”

Haruki had always gotten along with his family. Hell, he was charming to everyone. But he was real with his family, especially his sister. Which made it so difficult for him to lie to them constantly, to pretend that he was just another person, one of many.

But Haruki was special. He was chosen. He was Kira. But most of all, he was alone in this venture. He couldn’t tell anybody, not his family, nor his friends. Haruki wondered if the last Kira had this problem too, or if he confided in anyone. Maybe that was his downfall…

Haruki looked around, snapping out of his daze. The news report about the policeman was on, but there was no mention of it being a Kira case. Good. Both his sister and his mother were glued to the TV, watching the news unfold. Haruki suddenly noticed that his father wasn’t there.

“Hey, mom…. Where’s dad at? Shouldn’t he be home from work by now?”

Haruki’s mother, not turning, answered, “Oh, he worked late tonight. And he said he was bringing back a surprise. A surprise for you, Haruki.”

Death note

How to use it


In the occasion where the cause of death is possible but the situation is not, only the cause of death will take effect for that victim. If both the cause and the situation are impossible, that victim will die of [a] heart attack.

The sun was bright over the clouds. Near looked out at it all, wondering what the purpose of it all was. So distracted was he, that he did not even see Rester approaching his seat, flanked by four people.

“Near… the group you requested is here.” Rester said, in that comforting tone he had developed during the two’s alone time.

Near looked up at the group. He recognized each, by their face. He had personally picked them, after all. The first, Agent White. The second, Agent Bell. The Third, Agent Brennen. And the fourth… Hallow? No, this wasn’t right.

“Commander, one is missing.” Near said, calmly.

Rester sighed, “Yeah. Ambrose is dead. We got news of it, this morning. I didn’t have time to rearrange things, but perhaps Hallow could replace him?”

Near, still unmoving, began messing around with a spoon. “On your word, Commander?”

“On my word.”

Near took the spoon, and pointed it at Hallow, “Then ‘Agent Hallow’ will join us.”

The agents nodded, and began talking amongst each other. Good, because until they got off the plane, Near had no more to say to them. Not until he had more information on Kira. Already though, personality clues were trickling in.

The new Kira was definitely organized. He had orchestrated a breach into one of the most secure buildings on the planet. He had then killed one hundred victims at 9 a.m. current time. All of them at the same time. From here on, the killings would probably start falling into a schedule, perhaps the same, perhaps evolving. It all depended on who this Kira was.

Near looked over at the agents again. Maybe one of them would have a thought. Agent Bell had been picked, chiefly, for finding Kira’s location, based on his linguistic techniques, and TOD (time of death) killings. Of course, POD (place of death) killings had revealed nothing.

At this point in the L-Kira case, L hadn’t even come into the picture yet. He sat back and waited for his opportunity to test things. But now with civil unrest, the various world governments would not risk Kira toppling their power. Near had to act fast if he wanted any kind of respect.

To get Kira to reveal himself, Near would have to contact him. Through public means, of course. He couldn’t do L’s dummy plan, because that would be expected here. No, he wanted to find Kira, no matter where the latter was located. Near would broadcast worldwide.

Near, himself, couldn’t do this. He could not get up in front of the camera, speak, improvise, and outwit Kira like that. He would use Rester.

Near motioned to his commander, “Commander… I think we need to take the bolder path here, now. I want you to broadcast to the world, tomorrow, a message I have prepared. For Kira.”

Armonia Justin Beyondormason was annoyed. There were two shinigami in the realm who constantly acted up, who had to be dealt with by him. And while Justin didn’t like dealing with them, he had to. It was his job. Justin was the third most powerful shinigami, and chief advisor to the shinigami king.

This meant that he was almost fully in charge of running the shiningami realm. That wasn’t hard in and of itself. Because mostly, shinigami kept to themselves, and didn’t cause trouble. But one, Ryuk, seemed to have a knack for it. Once already, he had dropped a second notebook into the human realm. Something almost universally frowned upon. And now it appeared he had done it again.

Justin knew each shinigami. The hundreds, possibly thousands in existence. Ryuk was simple to find. He lived close to the king, because of his rank. That was about as much influence shinigami rank had.

The inner realm was much the same as the rest. A deteriorating cesspool. Most shinigami didn’t find anything wrong with that. Except for, perhaps, Ryuk.

Justin flew down into Ryuk’s area. The other shinigami should know what happened to him. As usual, they were gambling in a corner. Nine shinigami, all in a nice little circle.

No, that wasn’t right. Including Ryuk, there should have been eleven. Did he take another with him?

Justin approached the gathering. His presence immediately commanded their attention, “Ryuk. I want to know where he has gone. And where Guuku is, as well.”

Dellidubbly answered first, “Ryuk went to the human world, with two notebooks.”

Justin, in high arrogance continued, “Where did he get a second notebook? Each shinigami is allowed only one. And where is Guuku.”

Suddenly a voice, new, but not unfamiliar to Justin began, “Guuku is dead. Ryuk took his note.”

Justin spun around to face his speaker. It was a shinigami, the only other one, besides Ryuk, who got on Justin’s nerves.

This shinigami walked up to Justin. “I thought a shinigami of your power would know that, by now, Justin.”

Justin raised his chin, in curtness, “It is not my duties to follow each and every miniscule detail of all shinigami, my friend.”

“A shinigami death is no minuscule detail. A law was broken.” The new shinigami said, cracking a smile.

Justin, just as confindent, retorted, “Then go get him, Raght. I am your superior, I can tell you to.”

Raght laughed, quietly. He then continued, in a whisper, “You and I both know why that is not true. But should I take it out, to prove it? I know you would love having everyone else know…”

“No. That would be ill-advised. But somebody needs to go and get Ryuk…”

Raght stepped forward, blocking Justin’s view of the gambling table, “I never said I wouldn’t go. I’ve always wanted to see earth, to find out why Ryuk seeks it. I'll be back soon, master.”

With a laugh, Raght took off, and quickly disappeared down one of the holes to the human world.

Justin was worried though. Raght had never listened to him, despite being one rank his lesser. And due to Raght’s curious possession of the… well, the device, Justin could not impose punishment, like he could with the others.

It really bothered Justin at Raght’s eagerness to go to the human world. No doubt, he had some kind of ulterior motive that Justin was unaware of. In the end, he might have to go down there, himself, to get the two. It was dangerous enough to have one shinigami down there, but two? Possibly more?

Justin gathered himself back up and began his return to the king’s location. He’d have to break the news. It was his responsibility. So, if anything went wrong, it would be his fault. He sighed. What a mess.


Death note

How to use it


The god of death must not stay in the human world without a particular reason. Conditions to stay in the human world are as follows:

1. When the god of death’s Death Note is handed to a human.

The human world was not as Raght expected it. Being cooped up for so long in the shinigami realm had, unconsciously, lead him to lower his standards of life. Because here, everything was so bright and alive. He could see why Ryuk fancied it so.

As a shinigami, Raght knew where Ryuk was, simply by definition. It was like a magnetic attraction within, pulling him toward any other shinigami on earth.

Ryuk was in a country called Japan. Raght remembered that Ryuk had once before come to the human’s world. And he landed in Japan that time, too. What was so special about the place?

Haruki sat down at the table, to eat dinner with his family for the first time in a long time. Well, most of his family. His father still wasn’t home. The curiosity of his coming was making Haruki anxious. His mother had said that father would be bringing back a surprise. And not just any surprise, one that was specifically for Haruki.

It wasn’t like his father to keep secrets. Being a businessman, Hideki Kiryu’s personality had always lent to side credibility. As a side effect, Haruki’s father always spoke his mind and acted openly. A secret now seemed almost out of character. A ripple of suspicion entered into Haruki’s mind.

There was a rattling of sound behind, as the side door opened. It was father Kiryu. He was in his standard black and white suit that he wore everyday, briefcase at his side. The only thing different was that he had another man with him.

“Hello, everyone. Sorry we’re late.” Hideki said, stepping inside.

Haruki smiled, greeting his father normally, but internally his mind was elsewhere. He was racing, thinking of each of the possibilities of this new development. There was a very good chance that this man with his father was the secret. Or at least he was in possession of it. He turned to Ryuk, hoping the shinigami would have something to say.


The two men sat down, and Haruki was able to get a better look at the new man. He was dressed just like Haruki’s father. That meant the two probably worked together. He also wasn’t Japanese.

Haruki shifted in his chair. The secret could end up being far more sinister. This man could be a member of that Special Provision for Kira. But how did they track him down so quickly? No. There was no proof of that yet. Besides, if they did suspect him, wouldn’t they have sent more than one detective?

Haruki straightened up, to remain on guard. His father turned to face him, “Ah, Haruki. How was school today?”

“Oh… it’s fine, father.”

Hideki Kiryu continued, “Still on the top of your class, son?”

“Yeah. But there’s not really any competition…” Haruki chuckled.

And so the rest of the dinner went on, normally. The strange man did not so much as say a single word, except to thank ‘Mrs. Kiryu’ for the meal, at its end. Haruki remained seated, along with his father. He knew that whatever was to be discussed, it would only be between the three of them.

As soon as the door closed behind Masumi, the Mr. Kiryu began.

“Your mother told I had something for you, Haruki?”

Haruki nodded, “Yes. Mother said it was a secret.”

Mr. Kiryu laughed, “Well… only a secret from her. I want what we discuss here to remain only between the three of us.”

Haruki and the other man nodded. What could be so important that his father would keep it secret from the rest of the family? There were only two things that his father never took chances with; his work, and Kira.

When Haruki had been a child, the whole Kira thing had been a blur. Something on the edge of memory. But he distinctly remembered his father forbidding him and Masumi from watching the news reports about it. He had never seen his father so serious since. That look in his face was back, now.

“… oh. This is interesting. What are you doing here?”

Haruki had to work hard not to react. That was Ryuk speaking. One of the few flaws of having Ryuk around was that only he could hear the shinigami. If he spoke up suddenly, like he did now, it would only serve to draw the spotlight back on Haruki.

He turned his head, ever so slightly to get a look at Ryuk. The shinigami was staring at the mysterious man… the man who’s purpose was still unknown. What did he see?

“Hyuk hyuk hyuk. I didn’t think you would make it down here.”

Ryuk was talking to someone, it seemed. But who? Haruki didn’t see anyone…

“Haruki, are you listening to me?” his father asked, sharply brining him back to reality.

Oh yeah, the secret. Suddenly, it didn’t feel all that important.

His father furrowed his brow and continued, “As I was saying, to begin your introduction into the world of business, into my world, I’ve assigned one of my employees”, he gestured to the man next to him, “Mr. Keen, to be your guide. He will show you all the necessaries for making it in our job, and…”

So, this man was an employee of his father. Haruki relaxed, slightly. It was no secret that Hideki Kiryu was a genius in the business world. Indeed, the corporation he worked for was now the largest in the country. Naturally, he would want his son to follow suit in his profession.

That did not lessen Haruki’s suspicion of this “Keen”, however. While he was relieved that the secret was only about work, the man chosen to deal with Haruki was not as clear. He was not Japanese, that much was certain. It was also a very good chance that he was using an alias.

The conversation continued, without incident. Ryuk did not speak again, nor did he even look at Keen. And after a few more moments, Keen got up to leave.

As he walked up to the door, he turned back to face Haruki. In surprisingly perfect Japanese, he spoke, “Oh… and Haruki? I would like for us to get together tomorrow. How’s one o’clock sound?”

Haruki stared back at him, in perfect calm, “One o’clock would be fine. Should I meet you in front of my father’s building?”

Keen laughed. “No. Let’s start at that coffee shop, we passed up on the way over. You know the one, two blocks down?”

Still in perfect calm, Haruki answered, “Yeah. I know the place. I’ll see you there, then.”

And with that, Keen left.

Haruki got up, excusing himself and returned to his room. There was more to Keen than he was giving off. Ryuk had seen something… he had been talking to someone. Was it another shinigami?

“Ryuk. Who were you talking to, at dinner?”

“Huh? What are you talking about, Haruki?”

Haruki sighed, “At dinner. You were watching that guy, Keen. And then you started talking to someone.”

The shinigami let out a cackle, “Hyuk hyuk. You must be imagining things, Haruki. All this Kira stuff is making you go insane.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?!” Haruki shot back.

The shinigami was still grinning, “They say any human who is haunted by a shinigami only has misfortune. You’ve gone for a long time, without any of that. I‘d say it‘s about time for it to begin, heh heh.”

Haruki sat down and turned to face Ryuk, “I don’t plan on losing. Nobody else could do what I have started and maintained such a normal life! Besides you should be happy. You’ll get to see what the exception to the rule is like, Ryuk. The more fun for you.”

Ryuk landed on the bed, in classic repose, “Heh heh heh heh… Where have I heard that before?”

Death note

How to use it


The god of death must not stay in the human world without a particular reason. Conditions to stay in the human world are as follows:

2. Essentially, finding a human to pass on the Death Note should be done from the world of the gods of death, but if it is within 82 hours this may also be done in the human world.

In the morning, Haruki left for the coffee shop. It was close by, so he walked. Ryuk was still being quiet about last night. He had, surely, been talking to someone, or something that Haruki couldn’t see.

Thinking it over again last night, Haruki had come to the conclusion that it was a fellow shinigami. It was the only thing that made sense. But that, in and of itself, posed a problem. For why would a shinigami even be in the room with them? It had never happened before. Unless… Haruki stopped walking, frozen by his thoughts. Unless Keen was a Kira, too!

Haruki entered into the coffee shop quietly. Internally, he was in a panic, but he couldn’t show that to anyone, least of all this possible new Kira.

Keen was sitting in a back table, away from the others. Haruki walked up and sat down, cautiously.



Keen looked at Haruki for a few moments before beginning.

“So, Haruki… you’re father tells me that you want to become a businessman. And if last night was any indication, you are certainly smart enough… I mean top of your class, that’s impressive.”

So this was his opening tactic? Pretty weak, Haruki thought. Complimenting him, to get him to open up?

Nevertheless, Haruki had to be sure of if this man had a death note. And, unfortunately, that meant getting to know him.

“Thanks. But really, it’s not that impressive…”

Keen leaned forward, to open up the discussion. “So, what are you studying?”

What was with this guy? Now he wanted to know about Haruki’s studies? Maybe he was probing Haruki… trying to get him to reveal he was Kira. Well, that much would never happen.

“Oh, you know… the regulars. History, Calculus, Kira Studies…”

Keen interrupted him, “What? Kira studies? They’re actually teaching about Kira?”

“Yeah. Like a history lesson about him, I guess. Well, the old one anyway. We haven’t really discussed the new one.”

Keen gathered himself up, and relaxed a bit, “Yeah, you would have been pretty young during the first Kira’s reign of terror, right? Do you remember any of it?”

“Just my father yelling at us for watching it on TV. I take it you’re interested in Kira?”

Keen smiled, “I can’t say I’m a fan. But yes, I’ve delved into his past. But I can’t say that’s weird. Lot’s of people were curious about Kira. ’Specially with all those police documents that were released just a few weeks back.”

Haruki looked at Keen as he spoke. Surely, this was what the man really wanted to talk about. Kira. He had a lot of information, it seemed. Maybe some that Haruki didn’t know about…

“You dug into the Kira case? How?” Haruki asked, genuinely curious now.

Keen smiled again, “We’re getting off topic, here…”

“Oh, sorry. It was rude for me to ask such a thing…”

“No, no. Curiosity is a powerful emotion. I can’t blame you. But it’s not proper for me to discuss personal matters with, well strangers.”

So Haruki would have to gain Keen’s trust. He could play that game. Because Keen wouldn’t purposely wave the fact that he had Kira information, and then refuse to give it up, without some kind of motive. Like wanting Haruki to get closer to him, so he could find out Haruki was Kira. Haruki smiled. That’s exactly why Haruki would let it happen. He wanted to know the same about Keen.

The only thing that did not make sense was if Keen was a Kira, then why hadn’t he killed anyone? Or maybe he just used different methods, than heart attacks. No. That pattern would come up, as well. Haruki would have noticed criminals dying off, even by different means. As would the SPK.

Keen could be SPK. But there would be no reason for the SPK to be in Japan. Haruki had gone over it a thousand times in his head. There was no was anyone could have traced him back here. And besides, they would need his death note to even suspect him. Something which Haruki did not have on him…

It would look strange, almost suspicious, if Haruki now continued to ask Keen questions about Kira. But he couldn‘t help himself. He had to try one more, “But you don’t like Kira? Do you think he was evil?”

Keen sighed, “Last time, at first Kira was a very controversial issue. The public was divided about half for him and half against. As you know that number of supporters went up with time… but I always was against him.” Keen shifted, slightly, to stare Haruki right in the face. “All killing is evil. It doesn’t matter the target. That’s what I believe, anyway.”

It made sense, then, why Keen had not killed anyone. He was scared. He had some moral reason to not do it. And here Keen sat, staring at Kira, telling him that his mission was evil. What a fool.

Haruki knew that what he did was right. That what he did was moral. The scum of the earth, those wretched people who cause others despair were not worth any man’s pity. Clearing them out would only help the world. It would make other criminals fear for their lives. Making them stop their ways, so that everyone may live in peace, under Haruki’s rule.

Haruki was well aware of the need for the public to be his ally. What Keen had said earlier was true. At first, a majority did not support Kira. But, by his death, Kira was a near universal super hero. Haruki had that advantage, right now. If he just continued to kill criminals, he would remain a savior.

And that was fine. He had no intention to hurt anyone of innocence, nor anyone who did not oppose him. The SPK would have to be eradicated, but that was only out of necessity.

But the world would be cleansed. Haruki would make sure of that. The last Kira was almost successful, he had laid all the groundwork. Haruki just need two things to reach his immortality. He needed to learn what made Light Yagami fail, what brought about his death. And he needed to kill L, new or otherwise. Once those two things were out of the way, the entire world was his to rule over. Just as it should be.

The rest of their “meeting” was uneventful. It was just business, after all. Returning home, Haruki went right to his room and turned on the television. As usual, it was all about Kira. The daily criminal postings then began. Haruki got out his death note, and wrote down all their names.

Most major criminals around the world had been eliminated by now. So Haruki had to lower his expectations a bit, and kill the lesser criminals. But it was a sign to all, to not be a criminal no matter the level of distastefulness. All evil people would die.

Keen couldn’t be killed yet, because it would look suspicious. And Haruki didn’t even know his real name. That was an advantage that Keen had… he knew Haruki’s name, and could kill him at any time if he found out the identity of Kira.

And there was still L, and his team. They would continue searching for Kira until they died, Haruki was sure of that. So he would have to kill them. He did not know their location, and he had no idea how many of them there were.

Maybe it was time to lay a trap. To bring the SPK to Japan and, in one fell swoop, eliminate them. Kira would need to show the world that he was not to be trifled with. That no one could stop glorious mission. The SPK would be the sacrificial lambs, the ones used to prove his point.

After all, history favors the bold.

Discovery (season finale)

Death Note

How to use it


Only 6 death notes are allowed to exist at a time in the human world. Of course, the death note that the god of death owns does not count. This means only 6 gods of death that have passed on their death note to humans can stay in the human world.

The SPK headquarters was so much different with actual people in it. The noise and excitement was something new, and had not been felt for some time. It was as if the entire building itself was alive. The LCCP had generously allowed Near a large staff. Most of them would not ever see Near, nor know of his true existence. This façade would help alert the real SPK team if Kira ever tried to attack.

It was not like Near to play with peoples’ lives like this, but he was desperate. Kira had not given them anything at all, besides his short message from before. Agent Bell’s specialty was linguistic analysis, but Near was sure that such a brief, cryptic proclimation would yield very little. He had looked it over, himself a thousand times.

What he did gather from it, was not Kira’s identity or nationality, but glimpses of the killer’s personality. There had been a few Kiras in recent time; Light Yagami, Misa Amane, Teru Mikami, Kyosuke Higuchi, and of course the C-Kira.

None of them besides Light Yagami had been a worthy Kira. And the first thing that struck Near when he heard New Kira’s message in the LCCP, was that it sounded like something Light would have said. That was both wonderful and disastrous. For only someone of Light’s caliber would pose a challenge to Near. At the same time, however, it would be difficult to even get a start on this one.

Interrupting Near’s musings, Commander Rester approached. He was flanked by agents White and Brennen.

Rester gestured to his right, “Agent Bell is continuing her work on the Kira message, but it’s not looking very good. We need more to go on.”

Near looked up to them, “That’s alright, Commander. I already knew we would need a different strategy. And I have one.”

Agent White burst out, incredulously, “What? How do you already have a different plan? Kira hasn’t given us anything new.”

“This New Kira began boldly, first revealing himself to the very people who would try to stop him. This move symbolized one aspect of his personality that we can use to benefit; he wants to play. He wants us to chase him.”

“But… then how do we chase him? We don’t know anything about this guy!” Agent White continued.

Near continued playing with his toy as he spoke, “That’s not true. His personality is quite similar to that of Light Yagami, the previous Kira. So I can predict how he will act, here. We will do nothing yet, and let him grow bored. At this time, Kira will try and contact us, to lead us on the trail.”

“Kira wouldn’t give himself up so easily, L.” Agent Brenned chimed in.

“No, he won’t. But he wants us to chase him. When he contacts us, probably in the next few days, I am sure we will be able to narrow him to only a small area. That’s what he wants, after all.”


“You’ve been writing in that thing all day, Haruki. Hyuk hyuk. Come on, let’s take a break. You can get me an apple.” Ryuk laughed.

Haruki continued to write, without looking up, “I can’t, Ryuk. I have to kill all these criminals now, or there‘s no point. I’m killing a single person every ten minutes of the next three days and if this L guy is as good as they say, well then he’ll see the pattern. I haven’t given L any way to track me down, and it’s getting kind of boring… so I’m going to lead him here, to Japan.”

Ryuk came closer to Haruki, interested in this new development, “Oh. So you’re gonna show L where you are? Aren’t you worried he might find you?”

Haruki paused, and smiled himself, “No, Ryuk. You said yourself that L was killed, and that the L right now is an imposter. I’m confident that he’s not as smart as the first L. And besides, bringing him here is the only way for me to find out L’s true identity, so I can kill him.”

Ryuk laughed. “You know, ‘Ruki, I’m gonna have a really hard time killing you. Your so much fun, alive.”

Haruki was well aware of this caveat, that the shinigami would kill the death note owner, when it was time. Ryuk knew his lifespan, but could not tell Haruki; it was forbidden. But there were several rules within the death note that could, perhaps, help Haruki here. Some curious loopholes to test.

Haruki had already tested controlling other people. While the “23 day rule” had said that the death note can only control a person up to 23 days before his or her death, Haruki had found this not to be entirely true. Because you can include just about any person into the death note, without killing them, if they remain unnamed. Ryuk hadn’t even known about this, so Haruki was certain that Ryuk did not know how Haruki planned to trick his shinigami.

He couldn’t try it now, though. Haruki sighed and continued to write the names out of the criminals. He needed L to come to Japan so he could die. And everything had to be perfect, or Kira would send L to the wrong country. Imagine that.

There was a sudden knock on Haruki’s door. Instinctively, he covered up the death note, hiding in his pocket. No one besides L and Haruki knew how Kira killed, and thankfully that information had been kept out of the leaked police report, but Haruki couldn’t chance it. Because realistically, a diary with the names of every criminal thus far and to be killed would rouse suspicion. Not to mention it didn’t have the “best” of names plastered on the cover.


The door opened; it was Haruki’s father. “Haruki, Mr. Keen is waiting for you.”

That was right. Haruki had almost forgot about Keen in all of this. While on the outside, their relationship was strictly professional, dealing with Haruki’s interest into the business world, really it was much more complicated than that. For one, Haruki did not want to be a businessman. But he couldn’t say that now; it was his only link to Keen.

There was something off about Keen. When they had met only a few days back, Keen had revealed that he knew quite a bit about the Kira case. Which was odd for an English-looking, Japanese-speaking businessman.

Due to the way that Ryuk acted, as well, Haruki thought that Keen might have had a shinigami with him. It was a stretch, yes, but not unreasonable. No other time had Ryuk just started talking to things that weren’t there.

This would mean that Keen had a death note. And that was a problem, because Keen knew Haruki’s name, his full name, while Haruki had no idea what Keen’s was. The only advantage that Haruki had was that Keen did not know he was Kira… at least he hoped he didn’t.

Death note

How to use it


No matter what medical or scientific method may be employed, it is impossible for humans to distinguish whether or not the human has the eye power of a god of death. Even gods of death cannot distinguish this fact, except for the very god of death that traded his/her eye power with that human.

Near crouched, poised on his throne. Around him were his many toys and miscellaneous collections. But they were not to stay, he knew that. For soon, Kira would come to him and give him the necessary information.

Rester came in, and called for Near; obviously something was happening of importance. As he crawled out from his hidden sanctuary into the main room, Near noticed it.

The entire room was dark walled, soundproof, and fortified. But on each wall, was dozens and dozens of video screens. These were used to track each of Kira’s victims, for a sign of pattern.

“They’re dying at fixed times.” Near said, coming up on the other agents.

Agent White responded first, “Yeah, every ten minutes, for the past three hours. We think it means something... We just don‘t know what yet.”

Agent Brennen moved forward, to Near, “And we’ve also found a few notes by the victims. All written in their blood, on their cell walls.”

Near raised his head in interest, “Show them to me.”

A screen flashed up in front of them. The pictures of five victims slowly cycled; each one dead, and each one with a message. A message in latin.

Brennen turned to Near, “Sorry sir, but we ‘aven’t been able to translate it yet; none of us speak Latin.”

Near sat still, looking at each picture. He did not answer for some time. But when he did, it was with high confidence, “They point somewhere. If you combine them, in this order, ‘2 3 5 1 4’, it forms the complete message.”

“How can you be so sure, Near?” asked Hallow.

Near got up, and began walking back to his room. “I can read Latin, Mr. Hallow. And Commander, pack our bags. I want to be in Japan by tomorrow.”

Ulterior motives aside, Keen wasn’t exactly the worst person in the world. Haruki and him were sitting in a restaurant discussing the business ventures of his father, and the impacts they would have if Haruki joined. All moot points, seeing as Haruki wouldn’t be joining his father, and Keen would be dead.

But he would have to gain Keen’s trust. It would be the only way to learn his real name.

Ryuk hovered over Haruki, very much the god he was, “Hyuk hyuk hyuk. You know, you can always make the eye deal with me, Haruki. It just takes two words.”

The eye deal was not worth it, currently. Wasting half of his life over such a thing, would be counterproductive to his long term goals. That’s not to say that Haruki hadn’t considered the offer. Obviously, it would let him kill Keen with ease, along with plenty of victims. Hell, he could kill anyone at any time if pushed into a corner.

Before he continued to entertain that thought, Haruki would have to test that other loophole of the death note. It could allow for the eye deal to be made, with no loss of lifespan. At that point though, if Haruki wasn’t careful, Ryuk might kill him. He’d have to be careful. For now, he would just try to kill Keen the normal way.

“Forgive my curiosity, Mr. Keen… but were you born in Japan? “ asked Haruki, innocently enough.

“Oh, you must be talking about my appearance? Yeah, I don’t look Japanese at all. And it’s true that I wasn’t born here. I was born in the U.S. But I’ve lived here most of my life.”

So he wasn’t Japanese… well that was already clear. But his name, why did he use an alias?

Keen stopped, in thought, and Haruki used this to his advantage, “Is that why you use an alias?”

Keen came back to reality. He furrowed his brow, “No. I been using an alias because I didn’t want to be killed by Kira. Let’s just say my past… well Kira wouldn’t have approved of it.” He laughed.

Haruki joined in. So, Keen’s reason for denying identity was fear of death by justice. How ironic that he had just told Kira himself. This paranoid behavior was not to be brushed away, though. If Keen had not told anyone his real name, because of Kira, he would definitely not now.

Haruki’s only hope was to get into where Keen lived… maybe finding something with his real name on it. It was a long shot, but right now still better than that eye deal.

They did not talk of Kira anymore that day. Trust would have to gradual, and discussion of the old case would need to come up gradually. For now, Haruki would continue to play the part of innocent school boy. That was something he was good at.

Keen returned home, his second floor apartment tucked away in a corner of his building. He liked it like that. While duty had meant he interact with people, it was not something he was fond of, nor something that he went out of his way to look for. Alone, at his humble home, was the only place Keen felt true peace.

He fumbled with his keys, and opened the door. It was dark inside. He walked in and flipped on the light switch. Standing, staring at him was the creature. Still here.

“You still here? Why? I told you I won’t do it. Find someone else.” said Keen, walking past the creature.

He reached his refrigerator and opened it. He quickly found what he wanted; a drink. Alcoholic. The best kind. With that, Keen returned to his living room, and sat down in his favorite chair.

The creature was still there. It was hideous, but still, waiting for Keen to take from it what it offered. Keen wouldn’t do it. He had long ago said, were he in this position, that he would hold fast against the temptation. And now here it was.

Every day for the past two weeks, this thing had been following him around. Though, two days ago, it had decided it would stay at his home. At first, Keen had thought it had grown bored of him, and left. But he wasn’t so lucky. For last night, when he had come home, the thing had become unusually talkative, telling him all sorts of wondrous stuff. At first, he’d thought it was made up bullshit.

He would have continued to think that, had he not seen the thing kill someone in plain sight. With a heart attack. At that moment, it all became horribly clear to Keen how Kira had killed his victims.

He had a shinigami’s notebook.

Keen could see the appeal of it, from Kira’s standpoint. It was a tremendously easy way to kill, and not get caught. In the wrong hands, though, mass murder would be easy as well. Hitler’s travesties would be nothing more than that of a choir boy’s compared to Kira.

In Keen’s hands, he was afraid something like that would happen. That he would be consumed by its evil. No. He didn’t need that.

Yet still the shinigami remained. Is this how it was for Kira? Or did he take the notebook, not thinking of its repercussions? Keen shook his head. He needed to stop thinking about Kira, about the case. It was true that he had spent several years delving, by illegal means, into the case. And he had found out a ton of stuff that was kept from the public, even stuff not in the leaked documents. But now wasn’t the time to relive the past. He was too tired.

“So, shinigami. You got a name?”

The shinigami turned, moving for the first time since Keen had entered, “I’m Raght.”

Keen continued, only mildly interested, “Why’re you still here? I told you I don’t want your death book.”

“Death Note.” Raght corrected.

“Yeah, whatever. Why don’t you just give it to someone else?”

“You would like that?” Raght asked, in a whisper.

Keen sighed, “What do you think? Every day, I tell you the same thing! Just give it to someone else. Or better yet, don’t give it to anyone. We don’t need more Kiras.”

Raght took out his own death note. Unlike the book that he had offered Keen, this one was ornamented, and old. Not to mention blue.

Raght then opened in, and lifted his pen to the page. “Your name, then. Andr-”

Keen shot up, shouting, “Hey! What’re you doing? Don’t kill me!!”

Raght turned, “You preferred I gave the notebook to someone else. That is what I’m doing.” He placed his pen back onto the paper.

“No! Stop! I didn’t want you to kill me for that!” Keen screamed.

Raght stopped, and looked back at him, “Then take the note.”

Keen looked down. The notebook was laying there, on the ground, in front of him. So either he took it, or died. He picked it up. Five minutes ago, he hadn’t even considered doing this. But now, under penalty of death, he was forced. Was this how the shinigamis always did it?


Near and his team landed in Japan without incident. Rester had already set up the hotel room “base”. Most of the other members were already here. Near was the last one, arriving with only Hallow and the pilots of his private jet. As the two descended from the plane, Rester was there to greet them.

“Welcome back to Japan, Near.” said Rester, with his broad smile.

Near had to physically try to not smile back. That was a new feeling.

The three got into the car prepared, not unlike the one in Britain, and sped off.

Near turned to Rester, and took something out of his pocket. “Commander, take this. It’s a sample I want scanned immediately, for matches in country.”

Commander Rester took the small plastic tube. At first it looked empty to Rester. But upon closer inspection, he could make out the faint outline of the object within. A single strand of hair.


  • Ryuk is the only character featured in every chapter of this season. Haruki is not present in chapter, "Cravings", and Near is not present in chapter, "Help".
  • This saga is one of the few that does not kill any main characters.
  • A PDF 'Book' form is available (linked below) for your convenience:

Death Note: Our Truths - Discovery Season (all episodes)

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