This is what troubles me. Maybe it started as a plan, to gain Light's trust, but in reality, did L fall into his own trap? For the first time in his life, L lost because he considered Light as his only friend? The author said that L didn't have friends but still, L could think of Light as a friend even though it wasn't a mutual friendship.

I think deep down they both saw each other as friends but in reality they were opposing each other. However, L won in the end in the form of his successors. Near had less emotion and never got close to Light so he was more focused, leading him to win with assistance from Mello and Matt. L and Light could've just been lying and had no emotional caring for each other though, the only people who really know are Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba.Giddy N Hormones (talk) 03:48, January 6, 2013 (UTC)

Yeah, you are right. But, in the end, it is very confusing. Because, when Light lost his memories, I was like... is this the same guy? He would be or better to say, he was like that before the cursed Death Note. The person who cared about his family, friends and other people's feelings. So, at that time he definitely could see L as a friend. And after he gained his memories, then L was the one who, maybe, started to think of Light as a friend and that was the day when he fell. He even asked Light, did he ever tell the truth in his life. I think that L really wanted to have a real friend and was desperate to know, does Light really think of him as a friend. They both were messed up in their own web of lies.

I think Light is evil, he has no real feelings for anyone and he always, always lies. It annoys me, and I'm sure many others, because he and L could of worked together so well if he would of just not got his memories back. If this had happened the Kira story would fade and turn to nothing and the world would return out of the dark, and above everything, a great team would have been made.

But, of course, that didn't happen, as Tsugumi Ohba just likes to kill all the characters that he/she can. Seriously. Matt, Watari, L, Mello, Light, Takada, Mikami, Soichiro, Demigawa, several SPK members, Ukita, seriously, I'm surprised the story didn't end with "And then everybody died, the end!"

At least my favourite character, Near, survived, if he hadn't I would of hated Death Note to be honest, if everyone would of died there would of been no point to the story at all. In the end, L won, through near and Mello, and Light lost and died. However, overall, Near was the winner just for surviving. As was Matsuda, Ide, Aizawa, Rester, Givanni and Lidner. Giddy N Hormones (talk) 19:41, January 9, 2013 (UTC)

To Giddy,

Isn't it a little silly to call some person evil? Light is a bad person but L is no better than him. The only difference is that both are serving justice in their own way. Hm... I even think that L wasn't so much into justice, he was much more into challenge and... he found that challenge in Kira. The proof? L, himself said that he is doing only cases which are challenging and interesting to him. So, if you want to catch criminals, why don't you consider all cases, not only the ones you are interested in? It is selfish, very selfish of L. In the end, Light and L fit together pretty well. L is also a monster in his own way. My favourite character is definitely Misa :). I was so sad that she committed suicide. And Near is so... heh... he is funny in his own way. A little disturbing that he is playing with dolls, if you ask me.   M.

There is just this tiny little detail I don't understand. L tells Light he is his first friend. Then, later on (when the two of them are chained togheter), Misa says that all of Light's friends are her friends as well, and L seems to be really happy about it.

But this seems so weird to me. Maybe I've gotten this wrong, but wouldn't Mello and Near be his first two friends? I know they're his sucessors, but the flashbacks to the orphantry show three kids if I remember correctly, which cause me to assume those kids had to be L, Near and Mello. The only problem with this is the fact that Mello and Near don't see each other as friends (Mello specifically says that he is not willing to cooperate with Nate at the orphantry), but could there still be some sort of a mutual friendship and/or two different friendships between L and Mello, and L and Near? -H

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