This Article, Death Notes (DN 2 : Kira's Successor), is property of DarkHunter89.

This is a list with every used Death Note from Kiras Successor.

  1. J's notebook
  2. David's notebook
  3. Elizabeth Gages notebook.
  4. Alexander's notebook (however Thot takes it back to the shinigami realm after Alexanders death)
  5. Kindarra's notebook
  6. Sebastian's notebook
  7. Elizabeth's notebook gets destroyed, so does Davids notebook (though David possessed J's first notebook at that point.
  8. This means, that there are four notebooks. While one was possessed by Odin, but since he disappeared the status about it is unknown. It was probably destroyed so I say, that there are still four notebooks.


While J uses his own notebook, the other notebook from Kindarra which he got, after he tricked her into killing a human without a death note, thus leading to her death, is in a safe place. So Kindarra's notebook is a Back-Up set up by J.

K has also a death note, but since she shares the same Shinigami as Odin, it's possible, that she took ownership of the death note, after Odin disappeared.

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