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Four years after the death of Light Yagami, the shinigami Ryuk, had become so bored of the pale and dark shinigami world, that he longed for fun and apples. To kill his boredom, he traveled down to earth and dropped a stolen Death Note to a former student from Wammy's house. J or John William Caruso, known as one of the best in Wammy's house.

As soon as he receives the Death Note, John begins to kill 24 criminals a day, in order to show the world that Kira is back and to lure Near into trying to catch him. This works, and Near, now known as L soon announces to the world that he will find Kira, and arrest him.

After the game finally begins, Near soon notices that this Kira might be even more dangerous, than Light Yagami, which leads to Near using and later allying himself with the W.A.K (Wammy's Against Kira) in order to find the new Kira.

Can John succeed where Light Yagami failed and beat Near? Or will he, like Light Yagami fail to beat Near, and only be made into one of Near's trophies?

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