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Death Note: The Final Decision
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Date of Air

Today or Tommorow


OVA, Special


45:05 Minutes





Based On

Tohba Ohbat`s Death Note

Death Note: The Final Decision ( デスノート:最終決) is a Death Note special (OVA) created by BurningCow. The OVA continues after the death of Light Yagami and the life of Near and Ryuk, the Shinigmami.


The story continues on the lives of Near and Ryuk. With settling the score with the "Kira," Near, the Japanese Police Task Force and the SPK is shocked to see another Kira creating a new scheme. But this time, even Ryuk gets shocked because he has no relationship with the new scheme! Now Near is willing to give up his life to solve the "C-Kira Case" and everybody gets shocked that when this time Near has to trade Shinigami Eyes! But the main thing is about to focus on their life. The C-Kira will be caught within half in hour in the movie and Ryuk settles his task that he is done much with the Humans and so he decides to go look for other realms forever vanishing from the Humans...

Post Credits Scene: A Shinigami approaching from the Limbo.


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