Death Note: Shi No Densetsu literally means Death Note: Legends of Death.

It is a new fan fiction created by Arceus The God of Pokemon, after gaining more knowledge about Death Note (i.e. watching L Change The WorLd reading L.A. Beyond Birthday Murder Case and How To Read 13).

DEATH note

Death Note: Shi No Densetsu Official Logo

Plot Edit

It mainly revolves around a young High Schooler Amane Fukito, who finds a Death Note. It takes place about 9 months after the events of Kira. Misa Amane gives Fukito a Death Note she found, as a present before she suicides.

The capture and death of Kira had lead to increased crime rates and wars. Near had died due to a heart attack. Before he died, he appointed Xam as his successor to look after Japan and the world with the newly established JKI .


The series will contain 3 seasons each with 12 episodes.

Season 1 Edit

1. Resurrection

2. Gift

3. Power

4. Murder

5. Chase

6. Strategy

7. Hate

8. Double

9. Tricks

10. Question

11. Eyes

12. Friendship

Season 2 Edit

13. Track

14. Mother

15. Kidnap

16. Celebrity

17. Agent

18. Infiltration

19. Belief

20. Truth

21. Shinigami

22. Ghost

23. Victory

24. Eliminate

Season 3Edit

25. Rival

26. News

27. SPK

28. Vengeance

29. Intel

30. Debate

31. Clues

32. Fire

33. Revenge

34. Prisoner

35. God

36. End


  • Some aspects are copied off the original series.

Yet to come...

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