Death Note: Shi No Densetsu literally means Death Note: Legends of Death.

It is a new fan fiction created by Arceus The God of Pokemon, after gaining more knowledge about Death Note (i.e. watching L Change The WorLd reading L.A. Beyond Birthday Murder Case and How To Read 13).

DEATH note

Death Note: Shi No Densetsu Official Logo


It mainly revolves around a young High Schooler Amane Fukito, who finds a Death Note. It takes place about 9 months after the events of Kira. Misa Amane gives Fukito a Death Note she found, as a present before she suicides.

The capture and death of Kira had lead to increased crime rates and wars. Near had died due to a heart attack. Before he died, he appointed Xam as his successor to look after Japan and the world with the newly established JKI .


The series will contain 3 seasons each with 12 episodes.

Season 1

1. Resurrection

2. Gift

3. Power

4. Murder

5. Chase

6. Strategy

7. Hate

8. Double

9. Tricks

10. Question

11. Eyes

12. Friendship

Season 2

13. Track

14. Mother

15. Kidnap

16. Celebrity

17. Agent

18. Infiltration

19. Belief

20. Truth

21. Shinigami

22. Ghost

23. Victory

24. Eliminate

Season 3

25. Rival

26. News

27. SPK

28. Vengeance

29. Intel

30. Debate

31. Clues

32. Fire

33. Revenge

34. Prisoner

35. God

36. End


  • Some aspects are copied off the original series.

Yet to come...

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