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This article is currently under constrution, and is incomplete at the moment.

This story Death Note: Our Truths is written with the intent to not break Death Note canon, and to fit perfectly into the established Death Note universe.

Death Note: Our Truths is a fanon story written by KidVegeta detailing the events of a new Kira case that take place 9 years after the death of Light Yagami.

Character list

Theme Song

Opening Theme - Angel Terreste by Immediate Music

Closing Theme - Orchard Of Mines by Globus


Justice Arc

This arc details of the Shinigami Ryuk's languishes in lethargy and his return to the human world, where he gives Misaki Miyamoto a Death Note to alleviate his boredom.

I. Cravings
II. Murder
III. Keen
IV. Rising
V. Justice

Betrayal Arc

This arc details Near's initial pursuit of Kira, leading both to learn much about each other. While the SPK reels, C and Keen make their moves.

VI. Hokkaido
VII. Chase
VIII. Caught
IX. Accident
X. Betrayal

Truth Arc

This arc details of many things, including bringing the new Shinigami Raght into the forefront. Near and Kira both enact their final plans.

XI. Rain
XII. Gambit
XIII. Headache
XIV. Daybreak
XV. Truth

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