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Kira The 6th takes place 6 years after the events of the main Death Note story. In this rendition, all Kira followers and Death Note users have been executed or apprehended. However, on June 1st, 2017 in Tokyo japan........ That has all changed.

Enter: Connor Mikarogi

Connor Mikarogi is a Half-Japanese Half-American 3rd year high school student who transferred from Pennsylvania (U.S.A) to Tokyo, Japan to live with his father and half sister. This was due to the death of his mother, Alison Hailafield. His workaholic father, Darius Mikarogi, And sister, Kana Mikarogi, are both full Japanese. The summer quickly passes as Connor practices Japanese by watching old news broadcasts. These broadcasts lead him to learn about Kira. Connor develops a respect for Kira and by the time he enters school, he loves Kira and his ideals.

Light Of The Darkness

Meanwhile in the shinigami realm, a young shinigami peers into the human realm. This shinigami's name... is light. TO BE FINISHED AT A LATER TIME!!! SORRY...

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