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I really liked the story: Death Note: After Peace that I came up with a sequel: Death Note: Beyond The Mind.

Beyond The Mind takes place 12 years after Rex Yakimo's and Light Yagami's death. Light's son: Luke Yagami aka L has been keeping the world peaceful as possible so he can keep the promise he made to his father before his death. Everything has been going well until sudden deaths appear, a new Kira? This one's intellect seem inhuman,plus 8 other Kiras appear around the world. These others seem to be as smart as L or as inhumanly smart like the new Kira. They all try find each other to help or kill one anther,an all out death match for the fate the world is about to begin who will win?

The end of peaceful times

Twelve years. It has been twelve years since Rex Yakimo met his end at the hands of Light Yagami. Twelve years since Light gave his life to save his son: Luke Yagami. Now Luke who is the current L has kept criminals at bay and the world peaceful( with help from his friends at Wammy's house )just like his father wanted. Watari(Roger Ruvie) tells L he's got e-mail from Wammy's house. The e-mail says that many criminals that are in prison or wanted are dying from heart attacks in Japan at an unbelievable rate. L becomes interested in this and come to the conclusion that someone has got his or her hands on a death note. L tells Watari to get him a flight to Japan so he can find this new Kira (killer) and bring him to justice.

Who is this new Kira?

coming soon

Note: I will continue the story when I'm done making/editing the characters.

(This one sounds interesting... Can I also edit it sometimes?, like writing characters, etc., you should also make a account. It would be better. :) )

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